Mega Man 2

a game by Capcom

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

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Mega Man 2
  • Type: Action
  • Levels of Play: 9
  • Release: 06/01/1989
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Dr. Wily is back again with a new cast of super-human nasties! Mega Man 2 returns where the first game left off, only this time Mega must take on eight brand new bad guys! Each one of these genetically altered Bosses has a special ability that Mega Man can obtain - but first he has to beat them and the guards that patrol each fortification.

Mega Man 2 has eight levels of play leading up to the final confrontation with the evil old Doc himself!

People say:


Mega Man 2 is one of the best games I've played in a long time. It has a perfect blend of action and surprise that is usually seen only in games like Super Mario. The first Mega Man was a sleeper hit, but this one is even better, with plenty of new enhancements. Highly recommended!


A worthy successor to the original Mega Man. This one is better than its predecessor in several ways, it's harder, the castle is more difficult, and Wily is back with more dangers in more lands than before. The power-ups, difficulty select and Password make this a great game. Super tunes also.


Mega Man 2 is one of those must-buy games of the year. It's just a tad too easy and will probably be no big problem for seasoned players to beat. Excellent graphics and sound, with exceptional game play that is perfect in every way!


Awesome! I liked Mega Man a lot, and didn't think Capcom was going to be able to top it, but they did! The graphics are better than the first, it's longer, and there's even a Password option. The only negative is that it's easier than the first one but that's not much of a detraction! Great game!

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  • Manufacturer: Clayton Walnum

The original MegaMan has been a long-running hit on the Nintendo. As a matter of fact, it's still one of the top-selling games. It's no surprise then that MegaMan 2 should also jump quickly to the top of the best-seller list, what with every fan of the original eager to begin a new adventure. But can MegaMan 2 live up to its predecessor's reputation? Or does this new entry fall prey to sequelitis?

MegaMan lovers relax! I'm happy to report that although MegaMan 2 isn't quite as extravagant as the original, it's an excellent addition to your gamer's library.

In the following article and maps, we'll give you a complete look at the first levels of MegaMan 2 and provide you with tips to help you past difficult areas in the game. For that reason, if you already own MegaMan 2, we suggest you put off reading this article until you've had a chance to play. If you read on, many surprises may be spoiled for you. However, you may, if you haven't yet purchased the game, feel free to use this article as an extended review to help you decide whether MegaMan 2 interests you.

In the Beginning

MegaMan 2 is actually divided into two parts. This article will cover only the first six levels of the game, with the rest of the game being presented next month.

In this month's portion of the game, you must defeat six of Dr. Wily's cohorts: Clash Man, Heat Man, Metal Man, Air Man, Flash Man and Bubble Man. Each of these "bosses" has his own level, and you may choose to defeat them in any order you like. Keep in mind, though, that whenever you defeat one of the bosses, you gain control of his weapon. These weapons may be used in other levels, many of them giving you an advantage in certain situations. Therefore, it's wise to complete some levels before others.

Also, there are three devices that will be awarded to you, one each for beating Heat Man, Air Man and Flash Man. These devices - the levitation platform, the jet sled and the elevator - will come in handy on some of the other levels. Without them, there are many prizes you won't be able to get, and, depending on your skill, perhaps even areas you won't be able to navigate. Even though you may defeat the bosses in any order you like, it's best to discover which weapons and items will serve you best at which levels.

Keep Up Your Strength!

When you defeat an enemy, he sometimes will drop a life-energy capsule, a weapon-energy capsule or a 1-Up. Except for the 1-Up, you'll find that you'll get many more energy capsules than you need. For this reason, there's no excuse for losing a life by running out of energy. When your energy is low, find a place with many easy-to-beat creatures and blast away, scooping up the energy capsules as they appear. There are few places in MegaMan 2 where you will have trouble getting energy when you need it.

The same holds true for your weapons. All of the special weapons (the ones you receive by beating bosses) will eat up energy as you use them. Keep your weapons fully charged and ready to use. When a particular weapon starts running down, switch to your regular weapon and do some fighting. You'll find that the weapon-energy capsules are plentiful, indeed.

If you keep an eye on your energy levels, about the only way you can lose a life is by falling off a platform or touching something deadly like energy beams or mines. So stay aware of your status!

The "E" Capsules

In various places throughout the levels that make up the first half of the game, you'll come across "E" capsules. These capsules are hidden throughout the game and, unlike the normal energy capsules, are never dropped by a defeated enemy. While the normal life-energy capsules, which come in a large and small form, will fill up your life energy only a limited amount, an "E" capsule will fill it to the maximum.

The best thing about the "E" capsules is you don't have to use them right away like the other capsules. You can save them until you really need them. They're great to have when you're in a location in which the regular energy capsules are unavailable (for example, when fighting one of the bosses).

However, because these capsules are so handy, you'll be tempted to overuse them. Then, when you really need one, they'll be gone. Let me tell you a little secret: with a little practice, you can beat every creature and boss in the first half of the game without resorting to the use of the "E" capsules. Dr. Wily's fortress is where the "E" capsules will serve you best, so save up as many of them as you can. You'll be glad you did.

Know Thy Enemy

Most of the creatures in MegaMan 2 are easy to defeat (at least, that's true in the first half of the game; Dr. Wily's fortress, on the other hand, has some particularly nasty foes lying in wait for you). They are the most dangerous when you're jumping between platforms. Frequently, that's when they'll attack, causing you to fall from the platform and lose a life.

A few of the creatures - Atomic Chicken, Hot Dog, Lantern Fish and Lightning Lord, for example - present more of a challenge. Hints for defeating those creatures can be found on the following maps, in the locations where they appear in the game. But remember: first try to defeat them on your own. That's part of the fun.

Simple But Addicting

There's not much else to say about the first levels of MegaMan 2 (except, of course, what's marked on the maps that follow). It's a simple game, requiring few tricks. With a couple of exceptions, most of the scenes in the first half of the game are straight arcade action. The real puzzles and challenges begin when you've defeated the eight bosses and are ready to take on Dr. Wily's fortress.

But we'll talk about that next month.

reggie posted a review

Mega Man 2 begins right where the original left off, with that crafty old Dr. Wily back again with a whole new set of super-human enemies!

The rules remain essentially the same as Mega Man faces eight new Boss characters in eight new worlds of adventure and excitement. Mega Man must stand up against evil villains like the ruthless Heatman who launches fireballs and Bubbleman who attacks underwater! Defeat the alien Super Bosses and capture their super-weapons to enhance your fighting abilities!

Make it past the guardians and you'll find yourself in the skull cave; home to the evil Dr. Wily. Find your way through the Wily's underground palace and you'll be face to face with the Mad Doc himself for one of the most explosive video game battles ever!

Mega Man 2 is packed with 8 different levels of challenge and excitement. One of the most difficult rounds is the Woodman level, populated by all kinds of strange forest creatures and a very powerful Boss at the end of the level. Timing is crucial throughout this round, and mastering the "jump and shoot" technique is vital to beating the bad guys.

BOSS ATTACK!!! Defeat the Bosses with the weapons and in the order listed below...

  • Bubbleman - Use Metal
  • Airman - Use Wood
  • Quickman - Use Freeze
  • Heatman - Use Bubble
  • Woodman - Use Air
  • Metalman - Use Quick
  • Flashman - Use Metal
  • Clashman - Use Air

Chicks in the Stars!

When you are in the round select mode, press both the 'A' and 'B' buttons simultaneously while pushing the pad in the direction of the Boss you would like to fight. When the Boss is introduced he will be surrounding by chicks flying through the stars!


The forest is filled with many dangers. Arm yourself with the other Power-Ups before you enter the woods.


These deadly opponents use chains of fire to attack Mega. Jump and fire shots or store up heat power. Remember, timing is important!


Use the Bubble or shot weapons to knock the evil rabbits out before they reach you!


The rooster will come hopping toward Mega - move slowly and constantly fire ahead!


Stay above the platforms that the Gorillas climb on and keep moving - sometimes you can avoid their attacks. If one of the monkeys does happen to lunge at Mega, it will jump through the air and try to land on top of you. If you see one of the apes start to Jump, reverse your course or seek a better position from which to retaliate. Walk back and fire repeatedly as the gorillas draw near.


Use the Mega Man 2 Passcode screen to warp to the highest levels of the game with all of the weapon Power-Ups you've stored up.


To conquer Woodman, timing is very important. You must jump his leaf attack (which will block your shots), and come back firing the 'Air' weapon to Intercept him as he jumps. You must do this while deadly leaves constantly float down.

reggie posted a review

Mega Man is back with a vengeance! That monster-bashing super hero is ready for another action packed adventure against some of the most devious creatures the Nintendo has ever cooked up! Guide Mega across a variety of landscapes, including underwater scenes against some awesome opponents!

Mega Man 2 has all of the great graphics and solid play action from the original in an all new adventure bristling with excitement.

reggie posted a review

In the tradition of the ever popular MegaMan the evil Dr. Wily returns once again, with even more sinister robots to mount his attack. But MegaMan has also grown in power and ability, and so the battle is joined. Each of the eight empires is ruled by a different super robot. You must defeat each enemy on his own turf, building up weapons as you go. Only after all are destroyed will you go head to head with the mastermind himself, the evil Dr. Wily. Civilization relies on your skill and courage. MegaMan will stand tall in the end!

reggie posted a review
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