Mega Man's Soccer

a game by Capcom

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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In Mega Man Soccer, Capcom replaces human players with robots. Unfortunately, the limited game play and quirky controls eliminate this one before the medal round.

Dr. Wily Conquers the Wide World... of Sports

Crazy old Doc Wily takes his schemes to a new battlefield -- the soccer field, that is. Dr. Light strikes back by sending a Mega Man team to oppose Wily's robo-dubs. You can play in the Capcom Cup story mode, where you can play only as the Mega Man team, in Tournament where you can play as any team in single-elimination, or in League mode for a full season schedule.

Any Mega Man fan can at least get into the clean graphics and sounds. The game has some 20 popular MM bosses and allies rendered in the squat, cartoony Capcom tradition. The small graphics don't excite, but the 12 fields provide variety. The tunes are good, but they sound like they were lifted from an NES game. No way the audio approaches the mind-blowing sounds of Mega Man X.

  • A 3-1-3 formation is strong on both sides of the field. Pass to a wing, and have them center it for a header or a super shot.
  • When passing downfield, the defense always has the advantage. If you're on offense, try for a quick midair trap and then another pass.

A Soccer Game in Robots Clothing

Game play boils down to run- of-the-mill soccer. The rules are standard, except that fouls are never called, the field boundaries are defined by high walls, and your players can fire up to nine Super Shots per match. Although each robot's Super Shot looks different, the effect is identical -- a near-guaranteed goal within close range. Requiring little skill, the Super Shots don't add much.

  • The computer slide- tackles in predictable patterns. Dribble down until just before he reaches you, and then dump it off.
  • You can confuse the CPU by passing back and forth rapidly between players.

Stripping away the unexciting Super Shots, you're left with some shoddy soccer mechanics. The action is sluggish and slows down. There are some cool moves, such as an effective clearing/centering mechanism, but you'd like more of them. The controls need tweaking, and often the wrong move happens. Also, the player programming is archaic -- the computer opponent repeats the same patterns over and over, and your CPU teammates aren't intelligent enough to trap or block.

Never use a Super Shot for any reason other than to score a goal.

Sudden Death

With all these yellow cards, MM Soccer remains fun only as a repetitive exercise in beating up the CPU, or as a decent two-player Versus contest. Inexperienced players looking for simplicity might consider a rental.

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Mega Man's Soccer Downloads

SNES Mega Man's Soccer download
  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Machine: Super NES

A good soccer game, with Mega Man as the main selling point. The game is incredibly playable, with the great option of selecting teammates who are friends and foes alike. This will keep you and a friend playing for hours!

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  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • # of players: 1 or 2
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: April 1994
  • Theme: Sports

A mysterious explosion has brought an important sports match to a halt. Dr. Light noticed the ruckus and ordered the titanium hero to take on an evil group of robotic soccer players who, if victorious, plan to take over the world. Defeat them here or the world is doomed.

reggie posted a review
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