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Platform: GameGear

Genre: Action

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Mega Man fans should dig this Game Gear version of MM's greatest hits. The thumb-mashing action/adventure is among the toughest Mega has encountered over his five-year career. Unfortunately, the compact Game Gear screen doesn't make Mega Man's mission any easier.

Mega Memories

The Mega Man faithful will get a kick out of the primary stage lineup with Stone Man, Napalm Man, Bright Man, and Star Man. A fifth stage features a knock-down drag-out fight with Quick Man and that infamous Mega menace, Dr. Wily.

Of course, MM's arsenal is familiar to fans and easy to use for everyone else. Standard weapons include the trusty Mega Buster blaster and faithful R-Coil, the canine who puts springs into Mega's jumps. As usual, whenever you defeat a main bad guy, you gain a boss weapon, such as Star Man's star shield.

Mega's weapons are simple but effective against the hairy stage action and the boss battles, which are made even hairier by the tiny GG screen. MM's life-saving acrobatics lose impact against the miniscule enemy shots. Otherwise, the graphics are Mega clean. The character sprites have great detail, and there are some cool stage visuals.

The sounds are almost as good as the graphics. The effects are somewhat limited, but the rockin' music is actually catchy.

Mega Man Can

Mega fens gotta play this game. There's no telling when or if you'll see Mega Man again.


  • When you know a tough foe Is about to appear, move Mega until the enemy is showing at the edge of the screen. The foe can't move, and you can blast him at will.
  • Start out against Stone Man. The Mega mashers on his stage are the easiest to defeat
  • Climb mystery ladders and shoot walls to reveal hidden power-up rooms.

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