Metal Fighter

a game by Color Dreams

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

  • Manufacturer: ColorDreams
  • Machine: NES

Daniel Verboski of Cherryville, North Carolina, sent in a level select for this game. When the title screen appears, press and hold both the A and B buttons. Then press the SELECT button the number of times that corresponds with the number of the level you wish to play. For example, after holding both buttons, press the SELECT button twice for Level 2, four times for Level 4 and so on. Thanks, Daniel.

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Battle Station Cyberg's computer-controlled defense laser has malfunctioned and is now aiming its power at the planet whose inhabitants created it -- Earth! The only way to stop the laser from wiping out humankind is to reactivate its self-destruct device. There's just one piece of machinery powerful enough to penetrate the forces of the laser, and guess who's gonna' be its navigator? Yes, in this single player game you must slip behind the controls of Earth's finest, the M-308 Gunner, and direct it through seven, mufti-scrolling levels of brutal shoot-em-up action. You can equip this hi tech mechanoid-style machine, via power ups, with everything from a bullet-deflecting shield to annihilating laser beams -- it even has the capacity to defy gravity and travel on the ceiling! MetalStorm will turn your life upside down!

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reggie posted a review
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