Metal Mech

a game by Jaleco

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

Metal Mech

From somewhere beyond the stars came a race of half-alien, half-mechanical creatures now known as the Metal Mechs. At first, they seemed to have peaceful intentions. Guess what? Now they're planning to wipe out the human race! Only one man stands between the Metal Mechs and Earth: Tony Martin. To save mankind, Tony must pilot a captured alien vehicle called a "Mech" and use it to destroy the invaders.

Familiar Territory

The first thing you'll notice about this game is its similarity to Blaster Master (by Sunsoft for the NES). Both games pit man and machine in an alien-blasting shootout against all odds. Metal Mech, however, outshines its predecessor with more features and much larger areas to explore!

ProTip: Make maps of Atlantis and Alien City (Levels 4 and 5). It’s very easy to get lost in there!

Metal Mech's graphics are detailed though not very colorful. What makes Metal Mech a treat for the eyes is the high-quality animation throughout the game. For example, in the Level 2 Towers, even the slime on the wall moves. The Mech itself is smoothly animated as it walks, and the "death" sequence it goes through is simply unbelievable!

The sound, on the other hand, isn't quite so perfect. The background music isn't bad, but it practically disappears beneath the noisy sound effects.

Mechanical Moves

Metal Mech’s one outstanding plus is its high degree of interactivity. As either Tony or the Mech, you can "play" with almost anything you see. T.V. screens, fire hydrants, and beat-up cars are all at the mercy of your blaster. Trees, chain-link fences, and vine-covered walls are all tests of Tony's climbing skills. Sometimes it's fun just to go around trying different stunts!

To travel quickly and easily through the City (Level 1), jump on the hacks of the Catapults. You can't be hurt as long as you stay there.

The Mech itself is easy to handle, although mastering the art of accurate jumping can take some time. The only real problem occurs when you eject Tony from the Mech. Every time you eject, you select the next weapon (if you have more than one) in your arsenal. This becomes annoying very quickly, especially when you're in the middle of intense combat.

First Time's the Charm

Metal Mech can seem extremely tough at first. You may find yourself spending hours annihilating alien 'bots as you search for the Level Keys that get you to the next level. Once you know the keys' locations, however, most levels are a cinch the second time around.

The Level Key for the City is located in the sewers. Watch out for the deadly rats! They drain Tony's health rapidly.

After you've played the game for a while, the only extremely difficult part of Metal Mech is the Alien Queen's Mother-ship (Level 6). On this level, you control a large-scale Tony, using his jetpack and his sonic boomer to make your way through the Alien Queen's maze. Once you find her, you'll have to bust some pretty slick moves to destroy her and finish the game.

In the Alien Queen's Mothership, avoid enemies at all costs. They can kill Tony with just one hit!

Mech Tests Your Mettle

Metal Mech is an excellent game. If you like Blaster Master you'll certainly love this game.

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Metal Mech Downloads

NES Metal Mech download

The most powerful duo on the face of the earth! Fight "The Great Alien Invasion" with MetalMech! MetalMech is the all-terrain attack vehicle of the future a fusion-driven, three-legged beast that mangles, stomps and blasts anything in its path... mechanized dogs, slinkys, rats, space-fighters and more.

Need to blast enemies out of a tight spot? Eject your armored warrior from MetalMech and strike out on foot. Zap'em on rooftops, balconies, and in underground passages.

The MetalMech battle takes place on dozens of screens through six levels of the most exciting, super-futuristic, blasting action ever created for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

But beware - this machine has a mind of its own. It's up to you to discover all of the controls, weapons and tech systems. Then make them work for you as you fight against time to save what's left of mankind.

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