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  • Platformer
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Machine: NES

From Steve Bland of Sherherdsville, Kentucky, comes this tip to get all your weapons and turn Samus into a woman from the start. If you enter the password JUSTIN BAILEY and start the game, the strange transformation will occur. Thanks for that one, Steve.

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Published by Nintendo of America Inc. and developed by Nintendo R&D1, the game was released in 1986.

Future. The Galactic Federation and the pirates of planet Zebes are at war. The pirates have stolen an unfamiliar form of life, newly discovered on the planet SR388. This life-form created by "Metroid" is a kind of suspended animation and was the cause of the entire destruction of the origin planet. If the Metroid ever got loose, the alien will be able to destroy other innumerable systems. So now it is the space bounty hunter Samus Aran’s task to land on Zebes and get her way throughout the perilous terrains of Brinstar and Norfair. Samus Aran will have to destroy the Pirates, as well as their alien enforcers, Ridley and Kraid. And release the planet from the alien life-form before the pirates put their plans of world destruction into the action.

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