Mickey Mania - Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse

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Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genre: Platformer

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Mickey Mania - Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse
  • Manufacturer: Sony Imagesoft
  • Machine: SNES, Genesis, Sega CD

Question: I'm having trouble with the level Lonesome Ghosts. At the end of the part where the ghosts are riding in motorboats and you have to travel on the Barrel-wheel-like things, I have to jump around in the water and almost lose a life (sorry, a try) until it goes down and I can proceed. Sometimes this works, but usually it doesn't. What should I do to get by safely?

Answer: I wish there were some trick to this, but the only to get by is pure, unadulterated skill. As you reach the end of the ride with each of the three barrels, the water will drop as each ghost speeds away, and when it rises, the barrel will stay on the floor, so you take damage when the water rises (water being the natural enemy of the mouse). The only way to get through is to have expert timing (ahem).

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  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Machine: Genesis, SNES and SEGA CD

You don't want any other game with Mickey - this is the one!!! Clips from old Disney cartoons, smooth animation and scaling make this game a must!

reggie posted a review

If you're not a fan of everything Disney, you may want to save your bucks for more mature titles (like Earthworm Jim). But if you enjoy animation as much as game play, Mickey Mania is for you!

Cartoon Capers

The game's story line remains the same as it was in the previous versions. Mickey must find his former selves from different cartoons to help him battle Pete. He uses marbles and his own derriere as weapons. Pete sends out enough enemies to keep him busy, too, including a collection of skeletons, ghosts, a rampaging moose, and, in the end, Pete himself.


  • In the Bonus Stage, wait until the boxes swoop down close before you jump.
  • The elevator doesn't stop only at this level in the Doctor's labs. Get off, then get back on and ride up one more level for a surprise.
  • Knock off weasel guards before you jump. They're pretty accurate with knives.

The cartoons start with the debut flick, Steamboat Willy, and end with the '90s toon, The Prince and the Pauper In between you'll see Lonesome Ghosts, The Mad Doctor, and Mickey and the Beanstalk.

Classic Disney

The graphics in Mickey Mania Sega CD are slightly better than they were in the Genesis version, featuring additional animations for Mickey, the Mad Doctor, Pluto, and others. The backgrounds and character sprites are topnotch recreations of the classic cartoons.

Jump on these stumps to make the Beanstalk grow.

The music has been enhanced with additional commentary from Mickey, using 60 voice samples recorded by the only living actor who can perform the voice of Mickey Mouse.

Control is a little mousy. Mickey gets only four hits before he expires, although he'll take a lot more in any given scene. Some leaps of faith and tricky areas may trap beginning gamers, but intermediate players will scurry through immediately.


Mickey Mania's levels are very short, though, so you won't have to sweat your whiskers too much. You won't be challenged, either, because the computer A.I. is easy to beat. With the inclusion of an extra level, this CD game makes a great addition to any die-hard Disney fan's library. For gamers looking for a tough challenge, though, Mickey might be a little cheesy.

  • To advance here in Steamboat Willy, knock off Pete with marbles, and then jump on his stomach to climb the boxes.
  • The Mad Doctor throws beaker bombs. Avoid the bombs and nail him with marbles, even when he's off-screen. Jump and butt him to get at the stars above the chalkboard.
reggie posted a review

Disney's Mickey Mouse films, shorts and features alike, evoke fond childhood memories. Tapping that gold mine, Sony Imagesoft's Mickey Mania is a nifty side-scrolling action/adventure based on seven Mickey classics, but it's not necessarily for everyone.

On a Rodent Trip

It's hard to believe that Mickey is a senior citizen, but he made his debut in the 1928 black-and-white feature Steamboat Willy.

ProTip: The skeleton's bouncing bones hurt you. You can move between them if you're really careful, but it's better to backtrack and avoid them. On the elevator, you must jump, then duck.

That's where Mickey Mania starts off, in monochrome splendor, followed by such films as Mad Doctor (1933) and The Prince and the Pauper (1990). Six flicks serve as game levels; the seventh is a bonus. M. Mouse purists will argue that prominent loops, such as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from Fantasia, are missing, but that game has already been done.

Hot a Mickey Mouse Game

Controlling Mickey is extremely simple: one button for jumping and another for throwing acquired marbles. The controls respond like a charm as you discover solutions to various puzzles, which require moves such as swinging on ropes or pushing objects into jumping positions.

The audio is hot, with a wonderful musical soundtrack to keep you company. The sound effects are there in force, but digitized vocals are limited to Mickey's exclamations and a few other utterances.

The sharp graphics beautifully depict the rubbery Mickey going through his motions. Mouse fans will love the many visual antics, like the backward-scrolling chase between Mickey and a moose. Animations were ported over from the Mickey films, a slick move.

Mickey Mania is a lot of fun, but not necessarily for all Mouseketeers. Youngsters may be frustrated by the precise jumps Mickey must make, and even at the Easy skill level, his foes don't give him a break.

Build a Better Mousetrap

Mickey Mania looks great, provides a great Mickey-ography, and dishes out hefty challenges. Yet, what some gamers call challenging, others will call tedious. Rats... Mickey Mania is a little down in the mouse.

  • Getting over these boxes unaided is a struggle. Get Pete to lay out his bounce tummy.
  • Don't miss the extra try. Grab the Mickey Ears on your way across the boxes.
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The Mouse is in the house! Mickey's back and he's in a rollicking rodent race to help his past incarnations! If you're a Disney fan, this title should sit next to your library of Disney films. Side-scroller fens, however, may find that this Mouse doesn't roar quite loudly enough.

Free Willy

Mickey Mania starts off in the 1928 Mickey debut classic Steamboat Willy. That's right, in Steamboat' Willy! You play through seven cartoons, including The Mad Doctor and The Prince and the Pauper. In each cartoon, you have to save a previous incarnation of Mickey so that you can battle Pegleg Pete, MM's archenemy, at the end of the game.

Fans of Disney video games will recognize Mickey's weapons: A bouncing butt- bash dispatches most enemies, and marbles take care of the rest. Mickey dodges bats, mixes formulas in a spooky lab, and solves easy puzzles. At the end of each level, Mickey squares off with a villainous boss, which can range from paunchy poltergeists to a mad doctor.

The Mouse That Walt Built

Mickey looks even better here than he did in the original cartoons. Your hero is drawn in his post-1980s style, with a colorful getup and articulate M movements. The villains and other characters, like the dancing Skeletons, are all redrawn according o their original cartoons. The blend of past and present is magical.

The generally pleasant sounds include all of Mickey's squeaks and squawks. The music fits each scenario nicely, but none of it is Disney's award-winning tunes.

The controls won't trap you like a mouse. It's simple jump and throw; who or where you jump is what makes a difference. The levels are pretty easy, though, and intermediate gamers won't have any trouble.

  • In The Prince and The Pauper, move from candle to candle to swing the chandelier. Jump when the chandelier peaks.
  • To find the hidden area beyond the captain's wheel- house at the beginning of Steamboat Willie, jump on the cat, then jump through the hole the cat makes in the roof.

When You Hitch Upon a Star

It's rare that you'll go wrong with a Disney title. They appeal to gamers of all ages, and the beauty of the artwork is certainly timeless. If Mickey's not your thing, you won't appreciate this game. But if you liked any of Mickey's other games, you won't miss with Mickey Mania.

To get past this section of the lab, put the beaker under each of the spigots. Do it three times and then put the beaker on the Bunsen burner. Step on the switch in the upper-right comer until the beaker explodes.

reggie posted a review

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