Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra

Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra

Mention the words "Might and Magic" to a hard-core role-player with a taste for mazes and an appetite for combat, and you'll see an ear-to-ear grin that threatens to make the top of their head fall off. The latest and probably greatest in the series, Might and Magic III, will undoubtedly bring on that grin.

Miles and Miles of Isles

Might and Magic 3 is a worthy sequel to its SNES predecessor. It doesn't add much in the way of graphics and sound, but the new icon presentation and longer quest are good additions. You start this all-new adventure in a land called Fountain Head, where you search for the standard RPG goodies: Cold, advanced Weapons, Gems, and Spells. There are multiple missions and subplots, so you don't have to explore all of this fairly challenging game. The trek will also take you into encounters with endless enemies of all kinds, from Castle Guards, Skeletons, and Vampire Bats to Goblins, Piranhas, and floating faces called Screamers. The game is very heavy on the fighting side and light on dialogue and role-playing, but the combat system is fairy well-done.

Terra-fying Trip

The interface and commands used to interact with the game are honed to a point and are totally comprehensive. When you first play the game, the icon-based visual control system is very confusing, but after a few hours it becomes intuitive. To the right of the smallish game-view window is a series of icons that let you put your party to sleep, cast Spells, look at the map, and many other functions. Along the bottom of the screen are at-a-glance color bars to show the conditions of your party members.

The graphics are good, but perhaps a bit repetitive. Most of the walls look too similar, which can be confusing if you don't know what direction you're facing. The monster animation is very limited and not as detailed as it was in M&M II, and the graphics window could have been a lot bigger.

The background music and sound effects are all top-notch, but also repetitive. The music's got a great medieval/classical swing, but you won't hear many resonating sound effects when you swing your Sword.


  • Even the best warriors need to take a break now and again. Don't be afraid to lie down often for a rest.
  • Prepare yourself to fight the enemy in front of you, and any you may see in the background.

Just Sit for a Spell

You can't miss with Might and Magic III if you're looking for an involving and intricate game with endless beastie bashing. It's a game you'll quest and re-quest with for hours and hours.

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Sega Genesis Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra download

Sharpen up your sword for the adventure of your lifetime with FCI's Might and Magic III. You will be represented in battle by six characters. Each of your characters will have different attributes such as intelligence, ability to withstand attack, and strength.

You will be pitted against many different foes ranging from club-wielding Orcs to bubbling gobs of goo. There are literally hundreds of beasts for you to fight.

You can buy items, train for battle, make new characters, or make donations to a shrine. No matter what you do, the action is always a test of your will to live. If you wish to test your RPG mettle, give FCI's Might and Magic III a try!

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If you thought the first Might and Magic adventure for the Genesis was intense, wait until you get a load of this baby!!! This 8 meg monster with battery back-up features a new icon-based interface and double the amount of animation of the first game. Your goal is to lead a party of adventurers across the seven islands of Terra, and as in all Might and Magic adventures, there's no predetermined path for you to follow.

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Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra is the third game in the role-playing game series Might and Magic released in 1991 with a multi-faceted plot full of twists and turns. Lead a party of adventurers to rendezvous with the legendary wizard Corak. You will uncover the mysteries that surround the exotic islands in the Great Sea.

reggie posted a review
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