Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition

a game by Bandai

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Fighting Games

See also: Mighty Morphin Games, Power Rangers Games

Just when you thought you were all rangered out, they're back. This time around, the Rangers have morphed into a one-on-one fighting game that's sure to take a lot of hits.


  • To play as the end boss Ivan Ooze, begin a game in Fighting mode. Hold Buttons X and Y, then press Start.
  • During a mercy match, rapidly tap the buttons to throw your opponent out of it.

Go, Go...Away

MMPR Fighting Edition doesn't set itself apart from the vast number of fighting games. Neither the moves nor the game- play are above or beyond what's already been done in fighting games.

Graphically, the game looks okay. The fighters are fairly large in size and sport some nice detail.

However, the graphics start to wear thin as soon as you pick up the controller. Choppy animation and slow characters make for uneventful game- play. The flat backgrounds are even more lifeless than the characters themselves.

The sparse sounds are all too familiar to the ear. Most of the sound effects in the game are rehashed from games like the Ninja Warriors and Wild Guns. Your best bet is to turn the sound off and make up your own -- at least yours will be original!

The controls are the strongest feature in the game. The moves are easy to pull off, and there are even some two- in-one combos. But if you're looking for in-depth competition, you may want to keep on looking.

Mighty Clonin' Power Rangers

True Ranger fans or beginner fighters may enjoy this simple game. And any Ranger haters can take this chance to beat the mighty morphin' daylights out of them!

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