Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

a game by Bandai, and Sims Co., Ltd.

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Genres: Action, Fighting Games

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The Power Rangers are back and ready to battle on your Game Boy. Eliminating enemies and gathering lightning bolt power-ups allow you to transform your character into a Power Ranger. With double strength, you fight your way through six stages of nasties controlled by Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Gather your wits as you jump into the shoes of your favorite Ranger to conquer Ivan Oooze and his minions.


The first thing I noticed is the simplicity and straightforwardness of this side-scrolling action title with little hidden under the surface to enhance the plot. The first few minutes of play reflect the rest of the stages.


The ability to change into a Power Ranger and use the power-packed sliding elbow to finish off enemies with one hit. Mid-Bosses in select stages also add some variety to this cart.


Moves. Your attacks are limited to a few simplistic moves that get old quickly. All of the Rangers attack in the same manner without a special move. After completing stages with one character, there is no reason to try another.


Compulsive Power Ranger fans may find some enjoyment battling hordes of evil-doers. I think experienced gamers should bypass this one. It is apparently directed at only the youngest of audiences.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Downloads

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie download

Oh no! Power Rangers! But fans of the series will love this cart, so don't knock it.. .yet.

This time Ivan Ooze wants to rule the Earth. All six Rangers (pick your color) are there to stop him, and they come equipped with special moves.

The graphics aren't bad for a small game. Well-defined sprites and faded backgrounds make up the gist of it.

The sounds are tame and repetitious, but not as annoying as other Game Gear carts. Plenty of smacks and whacks fill the small speakers.

Pick up the Power if you have an hour to waste. But don't spend your hard-earned money. Borrow it from your little brother.

reggie posted a review

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are coming to your Game Gear!

Now the awesome Power Rangers are in an adventure that you are in total control of and that you can take anywhere! The Earth is in great danger and the only ones who can save the planet are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. All of the Rangers are here and they are ready to defeat the forces of evil, but they need your help. So play as your favorite Ranger or even your favorite bad guy!

reggie posted a review

Thanks to their fanatic fans, last year's Power Rangers SNES game was a big hit. This newest game is an improvement over the first with better graphics, the updated Power Rangers, two-player simultaneous fighting, and the theme from this summer's Power Rangers flick.

Ranger Dangers

As in the movie, the Rangers are trying to track down Ivan Ooze and destroy him and his deadly fortress. The seven stages of side-scrolling hack- n-slash, beat-em-up action include romps through city streets, a battle on top of an airfield, and even some snow-boardin' action.

Fans will note that the Ranger configuration this time around includes the Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Black, and White Rangers (no more Green Ranger). Players can choose to play as any Ranger, and they can swap Rangers with each new stage or continue. Each Ranger has a simple repertoire of moves -- they can punch and kick from standing, crouching, and jumping positions -- and their own signature move. The moves are simple to execute, and the controls are easy enough for even the youngest Power Ranger fans.

Go, Go, Power Rangers

Large, classy Ranger sprites, ample Puttys, and other as sorted Ranger enemies (like Mirror Maniac) are nicely complemented with visuals like a snazzy morphin' zap that uses the real Rangers' digitized images. The action in most stages happens on two planes, and the Ranger hops back and forth via the right and left triggers. This effect adds depth to what would otherwise be pretty two- dimensional backgrounds.

The sounds are tinny, but you get the trademark theme music and a nice assortment of explosive sound effects. Not that exciting, but fans of the show wouldn't have it any other way.


The gameplay is slightly tougher in this game, but it's still easy enough for the Rangers' main audience to handle. A Hard mode makes this game a decent romp for intermediate gamers, but the game's most fun as a two-player simultaneous battle.

All in all, Power Rangers gets the thumbs up: great license, good gameplay, and a little something to please everyone. Power up!


  • It's easy to defeat the first boss, Minor Maniac. Just anticipate where he'll appear, then immediately punch him. Repeat until he's history.
  • Use the old two-player trick: Plug in a second controller, and when your first Ranger is about to die, hit Start on Controller Two.
  • During Stage 3, watch for the signs that warn of a jump coming up. If you miss a jump, you lose a life. Also, prepare to duck under spiked passageways.
  • To defeat Cannon Top, stand to the right on the platform and punch him when the platform is near. Dodge the bombs and zap him what your Power Meter's full.
  • Don't let Puttys surround you.
reggie posted a review

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