Milon's Secret Castle

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Arcade Classics

Milon's Secret Castle

The land of Hudson is populated by a peaceful people who communicate with music. You are Milon, one of the residents of Hudson, but one who cannot communicate with the others. You decide to leave Hudson, and journey to other lands where you might find people who speak your language. As you begin your search you stop to visit Queen Eliza, in the Hudson Secret Castle.

Alas, you discover that good Queen Eliza is being held prisoner by an evil warlord from the North Region. He and his fiendish demons have attacked the peaceful people of Hudson, stolen their musical instruments and hold the Queen hostage in her very own castle.

Quickly you decide that you, Milon, will save the Queen. To rescue her you must discover all the mysteries of the secret castle, and defeat the evil warlord and his demon sidekicks. You'll have only your strength, wits and courage, as well as the magic bubbles a kindly wizard has equipped you with, to succeed.

You begin your quest outside the front of the castle. When you enter the door you find yourself in a maze-like room, filled with hordes of creeping, crawling, flying demons. These lesser demons are found in each of the 15 different areas of the castle, and are killed by shooting with a bubble! Watch out, because some shoot back at you! Rooms in the castle range from the Distant Coin Room (a fairly easy maze), to the Domino Room (you drop through rows of Domino's in this dizzy scene), to the Well (a deep, dark, mysterious place), to the Fire Room (where flames will singe you if you don't watch out), to the Marahito Room (the most difficult of all, where you face the evil warlord himself -- if you can figure out who he is and which are the three fake Maharito's!)

Fortunately, the wizard has warned you about the difficulty in finding your way through the castle. He tells you that Queen Eliza has hidden many special secret items in the castle to help you vanquish the demons, guide you through the different levels and discover where she is held captive.

As you journey through the different rooms in the secret castle remember that your magic bubbles do more than just destroy dangerous demons.

Collect all the money you find. If you miss any in one area you'll find yourself short of cash to buy valu-able items later on. Keys are the only way to open doors that let you go to the next room. Special bonus rounds help you collect extra money, but you've got to find them first! If you can catch the Hudson Bee you'll get a magic protective shield.

Secret shops sell you items you'll need to survive in the castle as well as provide you with hints and tips.

Fending off demons is tough on your life meter. If you see it falling too low, change your strategy or Milon will die! Grab blue hearts that appear when you destroy demons. Fill your life meter to the top and increase its capacity by munching on secret honeycombs you'll find hidden in the rooms. This is the only way you'll have enough strength to fight the giant demons later in the game.

Collect the right items and a giant demon appears guarding the entrance to the next area.

You must destroy seven of these nasty brutes before you are victorious. These beasts range from Homer (a winged, purple horror) to the evil Cahma (a skeletal version of Homer with wings). Each demon is more difficult to destroy, and more deadly to you than the last.

Defeat the deadly demons and you get to move on. You also get a magic crystal ball. Collect all seven balls to prepare for the final showdown with Maharito. Each crystal ball gives additional power or speed to your bubbles. Once you have the first crystal ball you can continue your game at the last level you reached. To continue, press LEFT and START on your control when GAME OVER appears.

In order to find the seventh crystal ball you must have the cane and the crown. Get these by destroying the Phony Princess in the Devil's Sanctuary. Milon has one of the most entertaining and engaging personalities we've seen since Mario and Luigi. Although it takes a lot of patience and persistence; Milon's Secret Castle is one great game.

  • Constantly shoot or push blocks in all areas of rooms to check for hidden items. Check each room thoroughly or you may find yourself returning later for objects you don't have that prevent you from going further.
  • If your shield is losing energy, shoot small demons until you earn a power heart and replenish your shield!
  • Remember that hints you receive in the secret shops are for the next level of the game. Don't waste your time looking for these things now! Just remember them when you reach the next level.
  • Never take on one of these giant demons without having full power. Grab two umbrellas to make your bubbles at maximum rapid fire mode! Bubble hits must be directly on their heads!

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  • Manufacturer: Hudson Soft USA;
  • Machine: Nintendo

If you think you have played the hardest of all video games, try this one. Can you save the princess? Each level has a different challenge; the higher the level the tougher the challenge! Hidden shops contain important hints and items to help beat the monsters. Can you find the shops? Can you beat the monsters?! How many gold coins can you accumulate, can they help you save the princess? Can you get through the ice room without being beaten? Can you beat Cahma or will he beat you? Are you ready for the challenge of your game playing career? This is it!

People say:

  1. I own 40 games and this is the toughest.
  2. The graphics are better than anything else!
reggie posted a review

If you think you have played the hardest of all video games, try this one. Each level has a different challenge; the higher the level, the tougher the challenge! Can you beat the monsters?! How many coins can you collect?! Are you ready for the challenge of your game playing career? This is it!!!

reggie posted a review
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