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Miniature golf makes golfing snobs hold their noses, but Mini-Putt by JVC is a radical NES mini-golf game! OK, so it isn't "real" golf, but there's just as much thrill to sinking a long one under the elephant's trunk as there is in holing out a monster par 5 in a "real" golf game.

Mini-Putt's graphics won't win awards for originality, but they're sharp, nicely detailed, and fun. And they put those in some "real" NES golf games to shame. You play in an overhead view, and you move a crosshair across the holes (which are several screens long) to scan them.

Mini-Putt games consist of nine holes with plenty of options. Up to four players can play. Try regular stroke play or go for bucks per hole with Skin play.

ProTip: Timing's everything. Hold down A as you set the direction. When you release A you start your putt.

There are four challenging courses: Traditional, Deluxe, Challenge, or Classic. Challenge looks like a mad doctor's mouse maze with deadends, trap doors, and water hazards. Classic is where all the fun stuff is -- the Elephant's Trunk, the Space Shuttle, the Airplane Propellar, and more.

The three button-press putting is a breeze. Touch and timing are the watchwords. You need a pool player's eye for angles and a daycare worker's patience. Some moving obstacles can sprain your brain. The wildly richocheting ball may dredge up Breakout flashbacks!

The last time I played real mini-golf, my date dumped me at the windmill for Big Al Kitashima. So you can have my memories; give me Mini-Putt.

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Mini Putt's a miniature golf simulation cart, which contains enough options to satisfy even the most discriminating "pee-wee" golfer. There are four courses to choose from: Traditional, Deluxe, Challenge, and Classic, Each course varies in difficulty, but you can up the challenge factor further by selecting from a variety of tricky-to-play-in weather conditions, including Fine, Cloudy, Drizzly, and Rainy. Your vantage point enables you to see the layout of the hole before a shot as well as while the ball's in motion. Naturally, you have complete control over the direction and strength of each shot. If you're up “fore” a game of great miniature golf, JVC's got the perfect game for you.

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