Mohawk and Headphone Jack

a game by Black Pearl Software

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

Don't eat or drink anything for half an hour before you play this innovative game. Although the gameplay is unique, it might make you queasy.

Mo Hawk is a hip character who runs, leaps, flies, and swims through high-tech settings. The gimmick here is the fast-moving screen, which quickly rotates under Mo Hawk to create mind-numbing visuals. Hard-rock music adds to the hallucinogenic effect. Different, yes; fun, no. After a while, this isn't a game you play; it's a game you endure.

ProTip: Don't build up too much speed, or obstacles appear too quickly tor you to react.

THQ is to be applauded for bringing out a SNES game in 1996. You'd applaud louder if it were a great SNES game.

Be prepared for a sudden change when Mo hits the water. He swims much slower than he runs.

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