a game by Sculptured Software, Parker Brothers, Minds Eye Productions, Nexa Corporation, and DSI Games

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Genres: Board Games, Puzzles & Words, Strategy/War, Educational/Kids

Do not pass go, go directly to jail! The grand-daddy of all board games is now available for the Nintendo. The official rules are incorporated into the program as are all the properties, cards, and even the dice. As you move, the screen zooms into a closeup of the street and your piece. With an option for multiplayer action, Monopoly for the NES offers simultaneous fun for the entire family without the record keeping problems.

People say:


There's not a lot to rate here, either you like the board game Monopoly or you don't. There are some nice visuals with movement on the board that spice up the appearance of the game, but for a few minor enhancements and loads of options, it's Monopoly - and I like that!


Nintendo games suitable for the entire family are few and far between. All the rules are built in and the character animations are well done. I still like the board game better as I can 'feel' my cash and inspect my properties any time. Can't cheat or lose any pieces on the NES!


It's Monopoly done on the NES. Big deal. It's a cool idea, but the game play is too awkward and playing with multiple players isn't as much fun as the good old board game. If you like Monopoly to play with then get it, if not then pass go without it and get the board for $10.


Some games just don't belong on the Nintendo, but at least they didn't make Monopoly for the Genesis or something, I suppose if you're too lazy to pull out the original board game, this cart is just for you. Nothing impressive here, so don't expect much.

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Monopoly Downloads

Sega Genesis Monopoly download

Uncle Pennybags was so successful with his NES version of Monopoly that he's decided to make a 16-bit investment -- Super Nintendo and Genesis style! Here's a look at the Parker Brother's version.

Go To Jail

Up to seven other human or computer opponents can join you on a stroll down Park Place or a ride on the Reading Railroad. Each of the eight computer opponents has a unique style of play. Unless you're a hermit, you know that the goal of Monopoly is to make the big bucks and drive your opponents into bankruptcy. To do this, you advance around the game board buying, selling, trading, and developing different properties.

The game is played by the traditional rules of Monopoly (see the manual) with a few tournament rules thrown in to make the game more challenging.


  • You can cheat by using either controller to make a move for the human opponents. For example, make a high bid in the auction on behalf of your opponent and they may get stuck paying a premium for a property they don't even want.
  • You can't customize the game or the rules. For example, you can't make landing on Free Parking net you all the money in the kitty found in the board's middle.
  • Take advantage of Auctions. You can often purchase property cheaply if other players are short of cash. Even if your funds are low, bid the limit to push the price of auctioned properties as high as possible. After all, you don't want your opponents picking up Boardwalk for $50.

Take a Chance

Advanced entrepreneurs can wheel and deal their way through one of twelve different two- to four-player scenarios. For example, in Money Isn't Everything, each player begins the game with only $300! Use the Game Editor to return to an unfinished game, or design your own game scenario. You can even set time limits on a game and dole out properties in advance. And of course, the computer's motto is, "Leave the banking to us!"

Parker Brothers has added some charming graphic touches, such as a beautifully detailed board, animated playing pieces, and great-looking Community Chest Chance, and Property cards. Authentic game play ensures that any Monopoly fan will get a kick out of taking a walk on this video Boardwalk.

reggie posted a review

The object: to become the wealthiest real estate tycoon on the board. No, it's not the Donald Trump game. It's Monopoly for the SNES. Players can compete with friends or against as many as eight computer opponents. All playing pieces come to life with exquisite video animation. Better still, pass "GO" and you'll be showered with money, literally. Best of all, you don't have to worry about the politics of banking and real estate 'cause the computer takes care of that for you. Crack open those bank accounts. It's time to create a monopoly.

reggie posted a review

All of the features that made Monopoly a world-renowned, classic board game are packed into this game. Just in case you've been living in a cave for the last 50 years, the object of Monopoly is to make a lot of money and drive your opponents into bankruptcy court. You do this by buying, selling, and trading property, developing it by building houses and hotels, and then charging outrageous rents that your opponents can't afford. The NES version follows standard Monopoly rules (contained in a humongous manual) with a few special tournament rules thrown in for added challenge.

Monopoly regulars will recognize the board, the playing pieces, and, of course, rich Uncle Pennybags, who appears beautifully animated on Chance and Community Chest cards as well as in Jail!

ProTip: Take advantage of Auctions. You can often purchase property cheaply if other players are short of cash. Even if your funds are low, bid the limit to push the price of auctioned properties as high as possible - after all you don't want your opponents picking up Boardwalk for $50!

Ride the Reading Railroad

So why play this video version instead of the board game? Well, for starters how about animated playing pieces that hop (the Hat), walk (the Dog), and zoom (the Car) around the playing board? You also get eight different computer competitors.

The computer players play pretty much the same. Human players are a lot more fun and unpredictable!

NES Monopoly also features some slick enhancements. A special Wheel and Deal mode enables advanced entrepreneurs to step right into the middle of one of eight different advanced four-player game scenarios. Use the Game Editor to return to an unfinished game or design your own game scenario. You can even set time limits on a game and dole out property in advance. Of course, the computer manages all the banking, leaving your brain free to ponder ways to put your opponents out of business.

You can't customize the game or the rules. For example, you can't make landing on Free Parking net you all the money in the bank.

Take a Walk on Boardwalk

Great graphics and authentic game-play make this an excellent game, but the real thing has perks that can't be reproduced. Monopoly purists will miss the feel of a crisp role of bills in the palm of their hand and the sight of those gorgeous red hotels piling up on Park Place.

If you're into video board games by all means take a walk on the video Boardwalk. But just remember... one bad roll can still mean "go directly to Jail, do not pass Go, and do not collect $200!"

reggie posted a review

America's favorite board game, Monopoly, has at long last come to the NES. Now's your chance to wheel and deal for the big bucks against the computer or with up to seven friends. All playing pieces and the Chance and Community Chest cards are animated so don't be surprised when you're literally showered with money as you pass Go or when the coppers drag you to Jail! Digitized voice enhancement and sound effects give game-play an added touch of realism, and the computer even takes care of all the banking. A great round of Monopoly's never been so easy, yet so much fun!

reggie posted a review
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