Monster Truck Madness

a game by Tantalus Interactive Pty

Platform: GBA

Genre: Racing

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Monster Truck Madness is a pocket full of hardcore truck racing fun. Sure, we're not talking high-res ultra realistic racing, but MTM is the most entertaining racing gaming for the GBA I've ever played.

THQ has published a game that manages to capture the full-realism of 3D driving on a handheld device without having to make the graphics small and jagged. Gameplay is pretty straightforward'you can choose between a quick Instant Action game, a Time Attack or the Race modes. The Race mode is basically a mini career game that has you racing through 30 tracks on a variety of difficulty settings. The tracks are a combination of fictional outdoor tracks, rallies and indoor arena races.

Players get to race ten different Monster Trucks including famous big wheelers like Grave Digger and Carolina Crusher.
The trucks seem to handle like they should, with the proper amount of unwieldy turning and bounce. And the tracks themselves are designed to really show that off, with plenty of big jumps and hairpin turns.

The controls are pretty straightforward with just your gas and brake buttons, your D-pad for directional control, and of course, your car horn and Ya-hoo button. I'll tell ya'more games should come with a Ya-hoo button. There's nothing like shouting out a Ya-hoo while grabbing air over fellow Monster Truckers.

The game also allows you to choose between three perspectives, from driver's seat to eagle's eye points of views.
The races are pretty much all about crushing stuff and mastering turns, though there are a number of floating power-ups and attack items on the courses that can help you overtake the leader or stretch your lead.

Although the graphics are very impressive, the audio leaves a bit to be desired. The engine and race sounds are pretty generic and the commentator doesn't have a lot of variety in his verbal bag of tricks.

Although this game is a ton of fun to play, it would have scored much higher if it would have included a multiplayer mode. It just doesn't make sense on a GBA to not include some form of multiplayer link up or turn-based racing.

Overall, Monster Truck Madness lives up to its name, providing gamers a chance to crush and crunch their way through tracks littered with debris while tearing around dirt turns and along hilly straight-aways.

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