Ms. Pac Man Tengen

a game by Tengen

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Arcade Classics

Small and round with voracious appetite, this gat's on the move to avoid quite a fright. Zipping 'round corners and gobbling up food, in hopes of killing a ghoulish brood. I'm sure you know her, there's no need to guess, it could only be Ms. Рас Man who's caught in this mess. Master or novice, there's plenty a maze, guaranteed satisfaction for many long days. With one or two players, it's all up to you, so plug in your Nintendo and show us who's who. Are you the master, or will a ghost one up you? Tengen's Ms. Рас Man for the Nintendo.

Big Mouth

With over 25 different mazes to choose from, there's plenty of action and food to keep even the hungriest of Рас women (and men) happy. Of course there are those pesky ghosts hanging around who would just love to see you starve. Not to worry though, just flip on your Рас booster and burn past those foolish ghouls at top speed. Or, better yet, swallow a power pill and eat them for dinner!

ProTip: Position Ms. Рас Man right next to a power pill and wait until a few ghosts swoop down to surround you. Now, just as you're on the verge of death from their ghostly grasp, chow down on the power pill and beat them at their own lethal game.

Double Trouble

If you've got a buddy handy, go for a two player game. You can either play as allies in the cooperative play level or as enemies in competitive play.

  • Its а Рас eat Рас world in the competition mode. Good strategy is your best ally, so gain the edge by hogging as many power pills as possible. This is effective because every power pill you eat will automatically paralyze your opponent, allowing you a chance to rack up mega points!
  • It you really want to get aggressive in competition, ram straight into your opponent. This will catapult him (or her) backwards and, with some luck, right into the arms of a ghost!

With a great selection of crazy mazes and four different levels of difficulty, there's plenty of food for thought to satisfy even the most insatiable "big Рас attacks"!

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