Mystical Fighter

a game by Dreamworks

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Fighting Games, Multiplayer/Hotseat

Mystical Fighter

Twin guardians of the Mystical Kingdom, Red Lion and White Lion, roar to life when the Evil Lord Kabuki threatens their homeland. For a final confrontation, Kabuki's unearthly powers spirit the Lions away to his domain, the Underworld.

Fighting Kabuki

DreamWorks' Mystical Fighter for the Genesis is a solid combat cart for one or two-players together. The Lions tackle six side-view, horizontally scrolling stages of hand-to-hand martial arts action. The colorful backgrounds include rickety bridges, foggy forests, sparkling waterfalls, and fiery walkways.

ProTip: Sneak across the top of this Stage 3 bridge and you'll be safe.

Although standard, the Lions' moves give Double Dragon enthusiasts a pleasant dose of déjà vu. With practice, you'll punch, jump kick, slide, grab, and throw enemies like a Mystical Pro. To backup your attacks, summon spells with a Scroll storing system similar to Golden Axe's. One shot's a devastator, but it drains your entire Scroll collection.

  • Fling enemies at each other for a double-damage attack.
  • Fight opponents while they're still off-screen.

In addition to Scrolls, you can grab Fans and Jittes (knives) to use as weaponry. Sushi gives you a power boost, and points add up to extra lives. Each player is granted three continues, and you can choose between three difficulty settings. Kabuki's hit squad consists of Samurai Warriors, Sumo Fighters, Ninja Kunoichis, Janen Ministers, and massive end-level bosses.

Tackle this snarling, blue ogre boss with jump kicks while its back is turned.

The Lions'Share

Visually Mystical Fighter is a treat, and the audio selections do their job. Somewhat limited, repetitive game play and a lack of obstacles and variety take this cart down a peg. As a good Genesis fighter behind Streets of Rage and Two Crude Dudes, Mystical Fighter is a respectable third place.

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