NBA Live 95


Time to rock the rim and give you some straight talk on EA Sports' newest trip to the hoop.

The game has been modified, reworked and has new player animations and a different view.

They call it a 30 percent isometric view; I call it the same view that's seen during fly passing, including the all-new Its a move that's jamming. There are many more reasons to take it to the hoop including an Adjustable Rules Menu that will allow you to customize the rules, turn off fouls and the shot clocks to modify the game. This game can also be played f using the Super NES five-player adaptor.

The game also tracks your stats. Just enter your name, and it doesn't matter which team you choose, your winning percentage and shot percentage will be kept in the record book for you to refer to. If going to the hoop for an in-your-face jam is your specialty, you won't be disappointed.

A new feature this year is a Play Calling Strategy Mode that you can access. Choose isolation or post plays plus which offensive or defensive set you want to use. While inbound-jng the ball, you can select a play using the control pad or the computer will choose one from the set for you randomly.

You can play the entire season, a single exhibition game, or you can jump right to the Playoff Mode, but don't go there until you're a master of the air. I learned that the hard way. There is a Rookie, a Starter, and an All-Star Mode. It was tough getting the Iceman away from this game to finish our work.

I finally had to grab a controller, plug it in, and corral a victory in the final seconds of the game with a Tomahawk jam. I wanted to play as the Raptors, but they haven't started official league play yet.

I had to settle for the New York Knicks, but I'm glad I did. They ruled the back court like kings against those aging Bulls during our match-up.

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 to 4

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Sega Genesis NBA Live 95 download
  • Manufacturer: EA
  • Machine: Genesis

HUH? This one is just plain strange, but in case you get bored of the hot basketball action in NBA Live '95, perhaps you might like to take a break for some driving, and I don't mean auto driving.

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  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: Genesis

Once again, the Genesis version of another Electronic Arts sports game just doesn't quite measure up to the SNES version, even though this is a very playable game in its own right. Trying to steal the ball can be a problem, though.

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  • Manufacturer: EA
  • Machine: Genesis


With this code you can freeze the D like a Timmy Hardaway crossover dribble. What this code is good for is checking out the percentages for your players so you can better position your shots.

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  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: SNES

Electronic Arts has pulled out the old engine that drove its earlier basketball games and replaced it with a faster, smoother and more impressive model. This is like being on the court! Wow!

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  • Machine: SNES, Genesis.
  • Manufacturer: by Electronic Arts.

There was a time when Genesis sports games blew away their SNES counterparts when the same game was released on both systems. The SNES version of NBA Jam may have been the turning point though, and now it seems that more and more SNES sports titles are overtaking the Genesis efforts.

Take, for example, NBA Live '95. The SNES version of this game could arguably be the best sports game available today, but the lack of control in the Genesis NBA Live '95 has a noticeable effect on the game's playability and overall gaming enjoyment.

The problem arises from the system itself. The extra buttons on a SNES controller provide for a very advantageous steal button, but the Genesis controller forces the programmers to pack too many commands into three buttons. Stealing is therefore quite difficult on the Genesis court and offenses can usually pass, dribble, and shoot without much threat of losing the ball. On the other hand, the shooting motion is faster on the Genesis and makes it easier to get shots off, and the rosters on the Sega version are more updated. For example, Horace Grant is suited up for Orlando instead of Chicago.

There are a few other significant differences apart from control as well. Due to the Genesis' limited color palette, the SNES version has better graphics, and the SNES' sound capabilities outshine those of the Genesis. And if you're into multi-player action, there is a limit of four players on Genesis while up to five SNES players can join each other on the court, filling out a five-man team.

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In the past, the weakest members of the formidable EA Sports lineup have been the basketball-simulation games. That's no longer the case. EA Sports has reworked last year's decent NBA Showdown into the fun NBA Live '95.

NBA AH the Way

Options, options, options. This game showcases all 27 NBA teams and players, along with the '94 All-Star teams. Performance is based on last year's stats, and you compete as a combination of player, coach, and general manager during 26-, 52-, or 82-game seasons.

ProTip: When more than one human player is on a team, one of you needs to move without the ball to set screens and get open.

You like variety? As a player, you control the on-court action. As coach, you change defenses, make substitutions, and decide who to go to on offense. As general manager, you can trade players to upgrade your team.

Don't like your team? Trade your guys for the players you really want (See ya, Luc Longley; hello, Shaq!)

Slam Dunk

NBA Live has an angled view (a welcome improvement over Showdown's side view) that provides better court vision with minimal player overlapping. Players sport detailed sprites and perform exciting in-your-face slams. Depth perception is sometimes a slight problem, though, and you occasionally end up under the basket with no chance of scoring.

To get a rebound in traffic, press Button A to push your defender away and to get a better position.

The controls and sound are equivalent to NBA Showdown with slight upgrades. Blocking shots is a little easier, and the crowd noise is more realistic. The 4 Way Play works okay, but putting your friends on the same team often creates confusion instead of great, cooperative game play.

By improving on last season's already-solid game, EA Sports has created a new, sharp-looking, fast-playing, authentic hoops game that's a must for basketball fans.

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What separates EA Sports from most other companies is its emphasis on realism, and NBA Live '95 for the SNES ranks among the top hoops-simulation games. It improves on last year's NBA Showdown with better graphics, more in-depth strategy, and more realistic game play.

The NBA Jams!

NBA Live '95 showcases all 27 NBA teams and players, with performances based on the 1993— 1994 stats. You also get the 1994 East and West All-Star teams, plus four custom teams starring Slammers, Blockers, Jammers, and Stealers.


  • In multiplayer games, move without the ball to set screens. For a nasty screen, press Button A to push the defensive player away.
  • To avoid getting your shot blocked, press Button B before you release Button A.

EA Sports has also added a couple of new twists. You'll notice all the bumping and grinding in the paint that you'd see in real NBA games. The realistic sound includes new, effective crowd noises.

Improved Slammin'

Better still is the new perspective, a 30-degree-overhead court view that yields better court vision, minimizes player overlapping, and helps game play run more smoothly. The players are a little more detailed than in NBA Showdown, and you'll notice several new in-your-face slams. However, depth perception can sometimes be problematic. If you misjudge a layup attempt, you might find yourself behind the basket with no chance of scoring.

To get a rebound, press Button A to push your defender away; you'll be in better position to rebound the ball.

The controls also improve over NBA Showdown -- for instance, blocking shots is a little easier. You can use the 4 Way Play to get five players involved, but it may be difficult to get everyone to play as a team.

With these added features, EA Sports has created another sharp-looking, fast-playing realistic hoops game that's a must for any sports library.

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