NES Open Tournament Golf

a game by Nintendo

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Sports

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Most video duffers should be familiar with this standard golf interface. You choose from a standard assortment of clubs, adjust for wind, and control swing power, direction, and hooks and slices. NES Open, however, has a few new features and minor fine-tunes. Hit for top-spin or back-spin, select swing speed, and adjust shot height. As always, overhead, 3-D, and ball-lie views are available. One quibble is your inability to pinpoint distances to locations other than the pin, as well as the complete lack of yardage measurements on the green.

ProTip: Never use a "fast" swing, it's too erratic. Stick with a "slow" shot.

Competition for Cash and Prizes

Show your best stuff in a stroke play (regular) or match play (try to win individual holes) tournament. The tourneys cover three courses, U.S., U.K., and Japan, and five skill levels. Money-making options include wagering and isolated competitions (such as the "Longest Drive" challenge). Two players can go head-to-head. A battery back-up saves your stats and position.

Open and Closed Golf

While not visually impressive and definitely not ear-pleasing, NES Open's variety of configurations and solid but not "ground breaking" golf play makes it one of the better links offerings to tee off on an 8-bit machine.

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