NFL 95

a game by Double Diamond Sports

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Sports

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NFL 95NFL 95NFL 95NFL 95
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The Game Gear is still showing some light as games from Sega like this one prove that this portable system will be around for a long time.

NFL '95 has taken its name from the Genesis version It may not have the exact 16-Bit quality, but it does produce some pretty neat features that boost the aspect of the game. The playbook is comprised of a variety of plays from the offensive and defensive point of views. The plays are laid out pretty well, showing you your players' assignments and routes.

On the field, eight players are on each side. Even though the teams are reduced in size, they are comprised of real, NFL athletes. People who are not used to playing with small characters may have to get used to the controls while maneuvering your player and running and passing downfield.

NFL '95 is full of referee animations giving signals of first downs, delay of game, etc.

After practicing and taking down the computer for some games, why not enter the season and see if you can reach the playoffs? During the season you may check your standings and see the rankings throughout the league.

Overall, NFL '95 is packed with everything you want in a football game.

  • THEME - Sport
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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Football fury comes to the Game Gear in time for the new season. All 28 NFL teams and actual NFL players match up in League Play, Playoffs, and Super Bowl Action. The behind-the-QB view injects you right into the game. Hook up against another Game Gear with a Gear-to-Gear cable.

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