NFL Quarterback Club 2000

a game by Iguana

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Sports

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Sports sequels often settle for including the latest team data and a couple of new features. Given the excellence of the last QBC, we expected the 2000 update to be more of the same. Unfortunately, somebody has made a real hash of It

The graphics are as sharp as ever, but the animation is all wrong. Switch on the replay mode and you'll notice odd frames popping up in the wrong place. Players flip round 180°, drop to the floor and flip back upright for no reason. Of course you won't be looking so close when you're actually playing, but they've messed up the in game camera too. The default view pans too far forwards after the snap, causing no end of unnecessary sacks because you can't see your QB.

The passing system has been overcomplicated, so it's incredibly hard to catch the ball. Even if your receiver is wide open, failure to press the catch button at exactly the right time results in the ball bouncing off his head. There's a new passing option which is supposed to allow you to pitch the ball to a specific part of the catching zone, but it's ridiculously tricky. Tellingly, the default settings leave it switched off. A big disappointment.

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