NFL Trivia Challenge

Here's something you don't often see in a sports game. NFL Trivia Challenge is based on past and present players from the football league. This knowledge-bowl will test you on how well you know the history of the football league. Pat Summerall will be your commentator and he will give you advice on what to do if you're in trouble with the controls.

The way this game plays is by testing to see if you have the brains to answer all of the questions. The more questions answered, the more yardage you get.

The more yardage the better your chance of scoring a touchdown. In greater detail, you gain yardage by getting the answer right on the offense side. If you run out of downs, you may go for it or punt the ball to the other team. You may even make a field goal if you're close enough. First, you have to answer correctly.

Overall, this is a simple game. It may not be your ordinary hard-hittin', fast-paced football game, but it does provide you some knowledge of football history from the past to the present.

This game should be tried for all you sports trivia buffs!

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