a game by Ultra Soft

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

Psst... the word on the street is that Sutekh, a powerful crime boss, plans to take control of Metro City, but not if you have anything to say about it! As Mark Gray, bookish encyclopedia researcher by day, you don a trench coat, a fedora, and shades by night to become Nightshade, super crime fighter.

Although this action/adventure from Ultra has a side-scrolling perspective the gameplay is reminiscent of role-playing games such as Solstice, Shadowgate, and Déjà Vu. You guide Nightshade as he roams through over 100 different rooms throughout the city in search of clues to Sutekh's whereabouts and different items that enable him to advance and keep searching. The game also has action scenes where Nightshade punches and kicks various enemies head-to-head.

ProTip: Watch out for a carpet. The moths have eaten away at it and there's a hidden hole. Use the Screwdriver on the screws on the other side of the rug and you'll hear a crash. Go downstairs to investigate and you'll find an important clue.

Cool graphics and a fairly compelling mystery offset some pretty tinny tunes. Turn em' off. Nightshade isn't as challenging as Shadowgate or Solstice, but it's a nice case for first time action/adventurers. Here are a few clues to help you get started.

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He's a hero best known for his a trench-coat, fedora and shades. Known as Nightshade, you must defend Metro City from an Egyptian villain. Gather information about this mystery enemy and track him down before he takes over the city.

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Crime is taking over the city! The local hero, Vortex, was captured and slain and now the very concept of law and order has disappeared in the chaos. Metro City is under siege from the various crime bosses fighting for control and without the help of Vortex, the grand metropolis will fall to the torrent of crime. During these dark hours another guardian of good must be found to replace this void. It is time for Nightshade.

reggie posted a review
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