No Escape

a game by Psygnosis, Sony Imagesoft, and Bits

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genres: Action, Shooting Games, Platformer

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If you think this game is going to be any more exciting than the low-grade movie it's based on, think again. No Escape is less fun than its lackluster big-screen predecessor.

Dull and Duller

You're a political inmate on Absalom Island, a prison that's inhabited by both savages and civilized prisoners. The savages include tree dwellers, motorheads, techno warriors, and mole men. The civilized prisoners have various articles and artifacts that you use.


  • Protruding stems and levers In the Tree Dweller levels activate hidden platforms.
  • Listen to what the prisoners say about each Item. They clue you In on the Item and tell you what else you may need.

Gameplay revolves around creating weapons and tools by combining different items. For example, combining two Ion Pods gives you the Ruger grenade. You can trade for items, but you find most of them by searching the levels.

Unfortunately the awkward controls bring the action to a grinding halt. The menu system used for trading and building items is cumbersome, and the jump, punch, and kick controls are difficult even for intermediate gamers.

Escape Clause

The graphics are long on style but short on substance. Flashback-style sprites interact in detailed but dull levels. The sprites mainly jump and kick, and hidden areas are few.

The sound far outweighs the sound effects. The tunes consist of decent techno-rock, but the sound effects are dismal groans and grunts.

In the Techno Warrior Camp, deactivate all these machines, or some platforms will be untouchable later on.

Overall, this game doesn't deliver the escapist adventure that 16-bit gamers need. With an unwieldy interface and confusingly similar levels, you may be saying no to No Escape.

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