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Platform: SNESSNES

Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG

Bolt your windows and lock your doors! Count Dracula is back, and he's not fighting a character named Belmont! Long in coming, Nosferatu has finally arrived. This game will give those seasoned in Prince of Persia-style action/strategy a serious run for their money- and test their patience at the same time.


  • Slide under objects by tapping Toward twice on the control pad and then pressing Down and Attack.
  • Defeat the two ape bosses in Stage Two by bunching them together and punching them out.
  • Some solid wails will move when you push them.
  • Do quick Jabs to knock down the jumping gremlins, and then move in close to punch 'em out!

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

The story -- what there is of it -- involves the traditional damsel in distress and the resourceful hero braving horrendous perils to save her. Her fate is hardly a mystery when you see her changing appearance from a pretty lass to a vampire queen at the Continue screen.

If you take the Prince of Persia game engine and drop it into a vampire story, you'll get Nosferatu, though this game relies more on strategy, timing, and thinking than simple, fast action. The six stages are loaded with booby traps, spike-filled pits, and minions of the undead. Watching your step is especially important, because some falls can result in instant death.

The controls are responsive enough for avoiding dangerous situations, but periodically the slow character movements can lead to your demise when you can't duck an enemy fast enough or get knocked off a ledge. You're given some extensive hand-to-hand fighting skills that can easily subdue most menaces, but these are put to the test against the bosses.

Stake, Rattle And Roll

The huge, mazelike stages are set in dungeons and other scary areas and convey the creepy mood effectively, but your character looks muddy and washed out in his gray attire. The cinemas between the stages are exceptionally well done, and the music score, while monotonous, always manages to stay in the background.

Nosferatu is quite a challenge because you have only one life -- no saved games, no passwords (at least you get unlimited continues). Unless you leave your system on for days at a time, the only way to return to the last point is by playing up to it again. While this makes you learn the stages more thoroughly, it does eventually become a monotonous exercise.

Still, Nosferatu fits in nicely with the other games of its type. You can take that to the blood bank.

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SNES Nosferatu download

When EGM got the scoop on this cool cart so long ago, we didn't realize how long it would be until this game actually came out. We have good news: after a lengthy wait for Nosferatu, it is finally coming out in Japan. The plot takes you to a faraway land where evil is commonplace, and heroism is not. Nosferatu, while not based on the film, carries the same theme: simple and utter horror.

To create such a chilling mood, 16 Megs of memory and beautifully drawn graphics are brought together. Nosferatu has some of the smoothest animation, being quite similar to Prince of Persia. This game is really nasty, and proves it was definitely worth the wait. Coming here? Maybe.

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