Olympic Hockey Nagano '98

a game by Treyarch Invention

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Sports

See also: Hockey Games, Olympic Games

Yet another tepid reworking of the Wayne Gretzky engine, this time with an Olympic flavour. If you like ice hockey, get NHL '99.

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Cheap, cynical cash-in on an event that generates only total indifference in the UK. The proper Gretzky games are much better.

reggie posted a review

Wintery action from the Land of the Constantly Extinguishing Olympic Torch. Konami's attempt to simulate the Olympiad is a brave effort, but let down by a couple of sub-par events. The variety on sports on offer (from downhill skiing to - yes! - curling, which is more fun than it sounds) does help out, and it's a hell of a lot more realistic than the 'robots on ice' PlayStation version!

reggie posted a review
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