Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 96

a game by U.S. Gold, Black Pearl Software, and Tiertex

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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T*HQ has assumed the task of bringing out Olympic Summer Games for the 16-Bit systems--perhaps the final Olympic title ever for the Super NES.

Ten Olympic events are featured in this game. The first eight are track and field events: 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, javelin, high jump and discus.

All of these events are depicted on-screen with an isometric perspective, which gives the game a rather realistic 3-D look. Heightening the pseudo 3-D effect are shadows cast on the ground by athletes in certain events. Overall, the graphics look surprisingly crisp for a 16-Bit game, in large part because most of the graphics appear to have been rendered on a high-end workstation before being converted to the 16-Bit palette--a process pioneered by Donkey Kong Country.

In the same vein as other track and field video games, most of the gameplay mechanics involve pressing two buttons rapidly to gain speed and power, while the directional pad controls jumping or hurdling.

The last two events are both shown in a first-person perspective: skeet shooting and archery. Of the two, the skeet event isn't too different from the one in Duck Hunt: When the skeet flies across the screen, move the target and shoot it down.

On the other hand, the archery event has somewhat more depth. Players must take wind direction into account when aiming. Another realistic touch is the effect of the Power button: The more a player stretches a bow for power, the more it will shake on screen, which lowers a shot's accuracy.

In a full game, players will compete in all 10 events. However, a Custom Mode lets gamers choose exactly what events they would like to take part in. In addition, the game features a Practice Mode--a good starting point for those who need help in a certain event.

The Super NES version of this game lets gamers choose from one of 32 countries. Each country has a list of athletes to choose from, but players also have the option of typing in their own name.

While winning the gold medal in all events is the main goal in the game, it's not the only one. This game also contains the actual Olympic records from these events, so players can try to set new records as well.

This game can use the Super NES multiplayer adapter, so up to four players can compete in the same event.


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Olympic Summer Games takes track-and-field competition to new uninspired lows, offering nothing original to anxious fans of the Atlanta games.

You compete in ten events, including the 100-meter sprint, javelin, and pole vault. All the events are controlled so similarly, though, that once you master a few of them, you've mastered them all, which enables you to shatter every world record in no time.

Strictly old school, the graphics lack detail and imagination. There are no footprints to help you mark your spot in the high jump or even any opening or closing ceremonies. Even worse, there are hardly any sound effects during gameplay -- only repetitious, annoying music that plays during almost every event.

If you buy this game you should be presented with a gold medal. Fool's gold, that is.


  • Don't bother to move the controller up and down during the skeet shoot. Concentrate on moving right and left for the best results.
  • In the pole vault and high jump, practice until you know how high you can go without faulting, then pass to that level in the competition. This will save you from getting disqualified earlier than necessary.
reggie posted a review

Track-and-field events, including archery, the triple jump, and discus, make their way to your Genesis. Unfortunately, the realism and excitement of the Olympic games weren't included.

Olympic's graphics fall far short of winning any medals. The simplistic look of the ten events, along with the bland colors, make you feel like you're watching the agony of defeat. Wretched music and a shortage of sound effects don't help matters, either. The repetitive controls, which often consist of frantically tapping buttons, quickly wear out your fingers and your interest.

Thankfully, the summer games come around only once every four years, giving you plenty of time to prepare to boycott the sequel. But if you must play the Olympics, the SNES version fares better than this poor outing.


  • If an event is giving you trouble, use the practice mode to master it.
  • To increase your chances of hitting the skeet, wait for it to start its fall before shooting.
reggie posted a review

Olympic Summer Games was the official video game of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games with 10 events. Also there are no major differences between each event on different platforms.

Graphics are considered to be either worse or only slightly better overall than those of Olympic Gold. The lack of competitive events outside the "Olympic stadium" also does not help to reduce the poor impression of the graphics, as it makes the game even more repetitive.

reggie posted a review

Contains few sport disciplines, such as running, jumping, archery and so on.

For archery: Button A will be used to pull the arrow back and button B will be used to release the arrow.

reggie posted a review
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