Over Horizon

a game by Virgin

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Strategy/War

Published and developed by Hot B Co Ltd, this side-scrolling shooter video game was released in 1991.

The player's task is to guide a spaceship throughout a range of levels, destroying numerous enemies. You can fire using the weapons on the ship in tow directions. Sometimes a defeated enemy drops power-ups thus equipping the ship with weapons of different kinds and up to two options. The additional to the standard weapons are such ones as: Laser, homing missiles and bombs.

There is also the "Edit Mode" in the game that represents an unusual feature: players can decide the options positions, and the weapons' properties as well. For example, it is possible for a player to have the laser behave like homing missiles or the homing missiles like bombs.

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Earth is once again in the grip of an intergalactic empire bent on conquering the planet. Many powerships are at your disposal to blast away the empire once and for all.

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