a game by Namco Ltd.

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Genres: Action, Arcade Classics

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The biggest hit of the decade is back -- just for you! Guide PAC-MAN around the baffling maze to gobble all the dots and rack up points in a big way Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, the not-so-friendly ghosts, are dying to do some gobbling, too. Except their favorite food is PAC-MAN!

His only defense is to eat the energizers, special pellets which empower him to gobble the ghosts, but only for a short while. Find out for yourself how the ever-lovable PAC-MAN captured the hearts of millions of people around the world!

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For those of you just arriving on Planet Earth, Pac-Man is one of the classic video games that started it all in the arcades. If you've yet to be initiated, here's all you need to know: Pac-Man is a round mound of fun who must cruise around a maze-like screen and gobble up all the little yellow power pills. When he's gobbled up all of the pills he can move on to the next maze.

Unfortunately for Pac-Man a troop of nasty ghosts haunt him as he cruises around the maze. If they catch him he loses a life. Lucky for Mr. Pac the can grab a giant power pill and turn the ghosts blue. While they're blue he can munch them down for bonus points. Pac-Man can also grab tasty fruit snacks and other bonus items that enable him to score big, earn extra lives, and generally have a good time.

The Two Player version of the game is fun, although in both versions it's tough to maneuver Pac-Man without a joystick. Other than that the game is faithful to the arcade classic. If you liked Pac-Man in the arcades, you'll like it on the Game Gear. If you didn't...well...Wacka, Wacka, Wacka!


  • Don't forget to use the side escapes to move back and forth from left and right
  • Pac-Man doesn't maneuver too mil in tight spots-so don't get him caught in the comers!
  • Lure the ghosts close to a big dot and then grab it Now you can gobble up the ghosts before they get away.
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Here's Pac-man, zipping around the maze munching yummy ghosts. If they catch him, he's ghostflakes! Chomp down power dots and fruit treats for big bonus points. Connect two Game Gears for extra ghost-mania. Choose different rounds to even up the competition. When you gulp a ghost, it pops up in your friend's maze. Then he's got double trouble, and you've got the points!

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This popular arcade game is now being readied for the Game Gear. You know the story, eat all the dots, get the power pills, and avoid the ghosts!

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The arcade classic Pac-Man makes his Game Boy debut in this sensational new release from Namco. Relive the adventure as you munch your way through twisting mazes filled with power pellets, bonus fruit, and those wicked'ghosts! Beware of their touch - they've been known to snack on Pac's.

Hook up with a friend to double the excitement in this first 2-player Pac-Man. Determine the challenge by choosing the number of lives you'll need to defeat your opponent. Add fuel to the rivalry by using the handicap feature which allows two players to begin in different rounds. Gulp down a ghost and shoot'em to your opponent's maze!

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