a game by Namco Ltd., Tengen, and Sculptured Software

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisNESNESSega Master SystemSega Master System

Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Puzzles & Words

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  • Manufacturer: Sega of America
  • Machine: Genesis

The next installment in the Phantasy Star series lets you fight from inside a vehicle! Gosh, that's swell. There's nothing to set this apart from other RPGs, but RPGs don't come out all that often for the Genesis, so you make the call.

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Pac-Mania Downloads

Sega Genesis Pac-Mania download
  • Machine: Game Boy

The arcade classic Pac-Man makes his Game Boy debut in this sensational new release from Namco. Relive the adventure as you munch your way through twisting mazes filled with power pellets, bonus fruit, and those wicked ghosts! Beware of their touch - they've been known to snack on Pac's.

Hook up with a friend to double the excitement in this first 2-player Pac-Man. Determine the challenge by choosing the number of lives you' II need to defeat your opponent. Add fuel to the rivalry by using the handicap feature which allows two players to begin in different rounds. Gulp down a ghost and shoot'em to your opponent's maze!

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  • Levels: 100
  • Theme: Maze
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy

The 3-D version of Pac Man! Travel through maze after maze of ghost-infested levels. Try to get to the dots before all of the other creatures catch up with you. Fun for all ages!

reggie posted a review

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