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Remember those childhood days when you got up at five in the morning to brave the pre-dawn streets of your hometown in order to deliver the morning paper? Rise and shine, those days are back! Only this time you can do it all in the comfort of your living room, any time you want.

Hot Off the Arcades

You loved the coin-op but could never find Paperboy for your Sega Genesis, right? Well, now you can, and the designers at Tengen have done an outstanding job of recreating the feel of the arcade version.

You start out with a map of your route and a full bag of papers -- remember to save them all for your customers -- a wasted paper can mean a lost subscription later on in your route. You get three levels of difficulty. Each level divided into seven days of paper delivery which get progressively harder.

The object is to toss the newspapers where your customers can get them. You can swerve onto the street or dash across a freshly-mowed lawn in order to get the job done. There are rich rewards in store for you if you can hit the porch or the mailbox with your shots -but that takes timing and a steady aim. One false move and you'll put a paper through a window -- a sure fire way to lose a subscriber.

It isn't the end of the world if you lose a paper or two along the way; your manager leaves stacks in key positions -- he expects that you'll have a little trouble.


  • Study your subscription route before each round. During the harder levels it pays to know where your subscribers live. Also, don't break the windows, you'll lose a subscriber for sure.
  • Unlike the arcade version, here houses are painted different colors. The best way to identify your subscribers' houses is to look for the mailboxes -- they're the only ones who have them.

Unfriendly Faces

We all know that mailmen battle rain, snow, sleet, and hail, but it's a sure bet they've never had to face the menaces which line the streets of your paper route! You just happen to work the toughest street in the area. Whether you select Easy Street or the Hard Road, you're up against an army of nasty obstacles that realty makes it tough for you to get your papers out on time, or alive for that matter.

The safest place on the street is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Very little can get you up there, especially if you are constantly steering right.

From the first house you've got to avoid the punkers on unicycles -- they don't move for anybody. Don't swerve too far to avoid them though, you might run into a delinquent child on a Big Wheel -- a real terror from below.

And the dogs of the neighborhood are not your best friends. They lie in wait for you on your route and pounce as soon as you're

You'll also run across assorted road-way hazards -- some strange and some rather normal. Runaway lawnmowers cut you down when you wander onto a "friendly" lawn, or you might swerve off the sidewalk straight into a drainage ditch. You've got to play heads up!

The Riches at the End of the Road

Whew! You've made it through another frantic day on the street, now it's time to show us what you've really got! A hotshot obstacle course awaits you at the end of your route. Use your extra papers to rack up bonus points by knocking down targets. Jump rivers and swerve around the course to arrive at the grandstand filled with your cheering, faithful fans. Who ever said paperboys get no respect? The rewards are short-lived however, the news waits for no one.

Now, another day awaits you, only this time the street is even more menacing. Also, you've got cancelled subscriptions to deal with -- make sure you keep your customers happy, without them you're nothing. But, hey, who ever said a paperboy's job was easy?

Be sure to pick up extra papers before you finish your route. Even though you may not have any more customers, it's nice to have a full basket when the bonus round comes along.

Extra, extra!

Paperboy gives you another smash hit to keep your systems running full tilt. Fast-paced action combined with superb graphics make for a tremendous rendition of this arcade classic. Paperboy delivers.

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Streets of Rage

Sound familiar? If you've lived through this scenario, Tengen's Paperboy for the Genesis should be easy. The object is to steer your paperboy down an obstacle littered street I and toss papers to the porches and mailboxes of subscribers.

If this game took place in a normal American suburb, it would be a breeze. This suburb, however, is far from normal.

There's no timer, so you can deliver your bundle of newsprint as slowly or as quickly as you want. But even Easy Street, the game's first level, is a literal mine field of wandering drunks, giant cats, bratty kids, skateboarders, and moving vehicles.

The game, like the original arcade hit, has you pedalling diagonally across your screen, (from the lower left hand comer to the upper right hand comer). Obstacles spring in front of you, or jump at you from your left, which is where you have to throw your papers.

At the end of each day, you're awarded points for each successful delivery -- double points if you delivered I your papers to EVERY customer.

You also get points when you cause damage to non-subscribers.

That'll teach them for reading that OTHER paper!

ProTip: On Easy Street, take your time delivering to the first two houses, and don't worry about the rest If you only have two subscribers and you deliver every tone, you'll net 1000 points total (500x2) each day. Plus, you'll have an easier time making it through the week.

Paper Moon

Paperboy is a faithful translation of the arcade classic, complete with all the thrills and spills that made the original so popular. Tengen has even improved the game by adding plenty of digitized voices. Paperboy may not prepare you for the working world, but it certainly will clue you in to some of its hazards!

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This translation of Paperboy for Lynx brings home all of the action from the coin-op. Peddle your bicycle through the neighborhood delivering papers to your subscribers' homes. Watch out for mad dogs, remote- controlled cars, and careless drivers as you try to survive an entire week in the burbs. If you make it through the week, you get to keep your job!

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  • Manufacturer: Mindscape
  • Machine: Amiga, Apple ll/GS, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM PC

In the wake of the early '80s success of coin-ops like Pac-Man, Dig Dug, BurgerTime and Mr. Do, so-called "cute games" flooded the family amusement centers. Atari Games led the way with many machines which attempted to combine strong action elements with ultra-charming graphics.

Titles such as Zoo Keeper and Food Fight gained some popularity, but they never matched the fame of the earlier hits. Arcades were in one of their periodic recessions, so most of these games never got home editions. Perhaps the most entertaining of them all was Paperboy. Now, thanks to Mindscape, home computer gamers can enjoy the challenging play and sparkling animation of this largely forgotten classic.

Clearly, it couldn't have fallen into better hands than those of the good folks in Northbrook. Despite its age, Paperboy doesn't look a bit like an antique. The Amiga edition, in particular, features some of the most delightful artwork and animation seen in any game this year.

The theme is so mundane that, in a sea of wild fantasies and phantasmagoric science-fiction disks, it seems strikingly different. The player guides a bicycle-mounted paper delivery boy along the streets of a small town. The goal is to deliver all the papers by tossing one into each subscriber's box.

What could be easier than that, right? Wrong! Perils appear from every direction, even at the simplest of the game's three skill levels. "Easy Street" is only easy in comparison to the other two roads.

It is no coincidence that the gamer gets six "lives", twice as many as in games that seem harder because they move at higher speed. In truth, Paperboy is almost leisurely compared to Mindscape's other arcade-to-home translations, but it is no pushover even for experienced gamers. The bicycle can't make sharp turns, so obstacles must be identified quickly if the player is to have even a slim chance of avoiding them.

Pedestrians dash into the bike's path, boom boxes and toys litter the sidewalk, loose rolling tires can send the paperboy sprawling, dogs nip at heels, and impassible gates block the sidewalk at several points. When the hero crosses the street, reckless vehicles rush through the crosswalk, oblivious of his safety. And if circumstances force the bicycle into the street, open manholes and treacherous sewer grates cause nasty spills.

The goal is to get the paperboy through his route in one piece while delivering papers to all the houses with paper boxes. These houses are easily distinguished by their yellow paint scheme. Hardware limitations cause all buildings to look yellow in the IBM PC edition. The gamer must look for boxes labeled "subscriber" in that version.

A bonus screen appears at the completion of the route. The paperboy must zip through this gauntlet as quickly as possible, tossing papers at targets along the way to earn additional points. The player also gets points for throwing papers through the windows of nonsubscribers and for hitting garbage cans and gravestones along the regular route.

Considering the relative scarcity of arcade-style games for home computers, the arrival of Paperboy is especially welcome. And even a half-decade in obscurity has not dimmed its luster.

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It delivers!

No need to worry, your local Paperboy is on the scene! The arcade classic blasts its way to the small screen in all its glamour. Take on some of the roughest paper routes ever and attempt to deliver to the worst customers (and some nasty non-customers) in the city! These people aren't going to make life easy for you. They leave toys out and park their cars right in your path! Don't ever bother trying to get the motorists to stop! Kids love playing practical jokes on you, and guard dogs don't thrive on your company. So if you think you can handle the business, go on, take the challenge. Along the way, bust a few windows, knock over some trash, and show these folks who's the boss!

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Hop on your bike and hit the sidewalks in order to get all your papers delivered to your customers. Watch out for dogs, cars and wild lawnmowers as you ride down your route.

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  • Category: Arcade/Action
  • Recommended Age Group: 8 and Up

Delivered straight from the arcade and into your home comes Paperboy, the classic coin-op smash! You're a brave paperboy in a neighborhood filled with trouble. Deliver each day's paper to the doorstep (or the mail-box) of subscribers while smashing the windows and lawns of non-subscribers. Miss a house and you lose a subscriber - but make a perfect delivery and you'll find another reader waiting for the next day's paper.

  • Players: One or two players alternating
  • Rounds of Play: Seven (Monday through Sunday)

Playing Tips: Watch where you're going! Try to stay on the sidewalk, but if an obstacle or character happens to wander in front of your bike, don't hesitate to head for the street or on the lawn of one of the homes. Also, keep track of how many papers you have remaining. If you have a lot in reserve and you see another stack approaching, let all of your papers go into one of the nonsubscriber's houses for some extra points! Watch out when you're crossing the street or you may end up as a hood ornament! When you get to the final bonus screen at the end of every day, try to hit as many of the targets as you can - you will have an unlimited number of papers so use them!

reggie posted a review

Delivering papers is an overrated job – bad hours, bad pay, innumerable hazardous conditions, and hard work. If you've taken the SNES Paperboy route, you'll find similar customers on the 3/4 overhead-view Genesis route. You have three weeks to test your biking and paper-tossing skills. If you make it through a week, you get a bonus round training course. To go that extra mile, you must perform four types of good deeds in order to earn 100 Boy Scout points. Wake up early and take to your neighborhood streets.

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The toughest delivery route a Paperboy ever attempted, Atari's arcade game of the same name is coming to Genesis crash courses later this year. Grab a stack of hot-off-the-presses papers, make a prompt and courteous delivery, and don't forget to smash windows for bonus points! News REALLY travels fast in Paperboy.

reggie posted a review

Paperboy's ready and waiting to deliver some fun to your Genesis system. This familiar title is an action adventure game in which the seemingly simple task of delivering papers becomes a wild ride through the mean streets of your hometown. You've got just seven days to deliver all the daily newspapers, keep all your customers happy, and stay alive. Miss deliveries or break a few windows and your customers may cancel their subscriptions -- not good! Every neighborhood has its share of hazards, too, so watch out for the vicious dogs, radio-controlled cars, dangerous intersections, and more. If it's mischief you've got on your mind, you can terrorize non-customers by breaking their windows and knocking over their garbage cans to earn extra points. The news waits for no one, so get ready to ride, ride, ride.

reggie posted a review

Paper boy is one of those true nineteen eighties classics, You play a paper delivery boy trying to avoid obstacles in your path, your aim is to deliver as many papers with out damaging peoples houses or you will lose subscribers also lives each time you come a cropper to cars and a such!, You then have to join into a bike race to receive a bonus!.

The graphics are of the cartoon style and charming but not sharp, The sound is not great but hey "It's all about the game play!" which is strangely addictive, Be prepared for many a day of saying "Where did that come from", and "What happened there?"....

Andy posted a review

At first i found myself thinking 'Who doesn't know Paperboy?' I then realised that i'm showing my age... So for those of you under the age of 18 who won't remember this game, here goes! You play (as the title suggests) a paperboy whose task is to deliver as many newspapers to the correct houses as possible. As you cycle up the road, you must avoid the cars, puddles, angry dogs and senile elderly people, just as a real paperboy would! You complete each level and progress by reaching the end of each level with at least 1 life intact, and having delivered your papers correctly. Part of the fun of this game is scoring bonus points for smashing windows while throwing your papers! If you're into retro games - this is the boy!

Laurel Blevins posted a review
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