PGA Tour Golf 2

a game by Electronic Arts, and Polygames

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisGameGear

Genres: Sports, Simulation

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With remarkable graphics and sound game play, PGA Tour П surges onto the Game Gear with a seemingly strong conversion of the popular Genesis golf series. Sadly, murderous slowdown shatters what could've been a superb game.

Great Birdie!

If you've played the Genesis version, this cart looks like an old friend. Pick your clubs and step onto one of six courses for practice, tournament, or skins action. The well-organized screen keeps you clearly informed about course info and weather while leaving plenty of room to involve you in the realistic, solid game play.

With the steady controls, you can usually line up precise shots by tuning your power, draw, and fade. Unfortunately, the aiming cursor is so wobbly that small adjustments jerk your aim too far out of line.

Another Bogey

The lush course backgrounds and detailed player sprites and animations will dazzle you - if you have eons of time to kill. Serious slowdown cripples the action; you'll grit your teeth for anywhere from five to 15 seconds while the screen redraws between scenes.

The feeble sound effects will annoy you with "treats" like chirping birds that sound like a panicky R2D2. At least you're only forced to listen to the mediocre music between holes.

If you possess the patience of a saint. PGA has all the golf you could want. Adrenaline junkies, however, will go cold turkey playing this one.


  • Using draw or fade to adjust your shots eats up some distance, so be sure to increase the power to compensate.
  • Perfect accuracy is crucial for a good shot out of the sand.

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PGA Tour Golf 2 Downloads

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It's another great year for Game Gear fans who are searching for a PGA Tour Golf game. In this version you'll notice a great difference from the predecessor as this one has been enhanced in graphics and sounds. Don't let me spoil the fun--there are many more features and options that your eyes will crave.

First, in this newest version you have more courses to work with. At the clubhouse you have an option to test out the course on your driving range and putting skill. The courses are mapped from the actual courses that they are modeled after. Before going on the green you'll have to pick your wood and irons.

In the process of golfing, pros will guide you through the courses, giving you advice on how to attack the hole from different angles. During this sequence an overview of the hole will be shown to give you more information about the game.

Lastly, pick the right club or iron to compensate for the wind and distance of the green or hole. As you swing your club or iron, concentrate on the power of your swing, utilizing your hook or slice technique. Throughout the game, you'll be updated regarding your stats on scoring at each hole.

Play against three other players and battle it out on the courses to win the big money prizes.

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  • Machine: Game Gear.
  • Manufacturer: Sega.

PGA Tour Golf 2 improves on the original hit with enhanced graphics, more realistic ball action and six courses. Take on the 3 pros that come with the game or tee off against your buddies for prize money and prestige!

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**Even as the real-life Professional Golfers' Association prepares to get into the swing of things in '93, Electronic Arts beats the pros to the greens -- the electronic greens. PGA Tour Golf II tees off with superb (but familiar) game play, three new courses, a few fringe improvements, and new features. **

PGA Plays with the Pros

As in PGA Tour Golf I, you and up to three opposing duffers (either computer or human) can take shots on the driving range, play a practice round, or play a four-round PGA tournament. New is the Skins game format that pays cold cash for each hole won. Better polish those irons, though, because 60 of the PGA's finest compete side-by-side with your foursome. During match play, Ron Barr of EA Sports updates you on the competition's progress.

Statistically, PGA checks, balances, and tracks gobs of numbers. A select group of 10 pros are rated for strengths, weaknesses, shot accuracy, and shot distances. The stats impact their performance during game play. Stats are also recorded to battery memory for up to 18 human players, and they include hole-in-ones, money won, skins won, and the number of strokes versus par. The Save Game feature is handy, but you can only save one position at a time.

ProTip: Reset in the middle of a head shot, then restore from your last save. In this game, winners always cheat and cheaters always win.

A Matter of Courses

Seven accurately-rendered courses are packed into the game. The three new greens include South- wind (Memphis, TN), Eagle Trace (Coral Springs, FL), and Scottsdale (Scottsdale, AZ). Awesome in visual presentation, each course is recreated with painstaking attention to detail. Water hazards, trees, sand traps, and varying grades of grass are based on the actual course layouts and blueprints.

If you're a golf graphics nut, PGA II puts it in perspectives -- lots of 'em! You get a standard behind-the-golfer view, an overhead map of the course, a helicopter's-eye-view flyby sequence, and an all-new Hole.

Browser, which enables you to scope out the entire course with a height- and angle-adjustable floating camera. Instant replay shows your sexy shots and horrible lies on videotape.

Some of the graphics move in fits and starts, but overall the video is top of the line. However, the BallCam from last year's PGA I never made its way to the Genesis -- regrettable.

Gallery Noise

Like the real thing, PGA II's audio gets polite applause. The comforting background noises include bird chirps, the stroke of the club, and the ball catching the rim of the cup. New audio includes theme music from a real- life golf TV show, "Inside the PGA Tour".

Similar Strokes

There's not much new under PGA II's game play sun, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The tried-and-true mercurial power-and-accuracy bar does its duty, and you still get Overswing, Hook, Slice, and the Punch and Chip specialty shots. A new shot angle meter puts draw and fade precision at your fingertips. Strong winds and bad ball lies are still your worst nightmares. On the greens, that wondrous isometric grid for pinpoint putting is unchanged. Few golf games come close to PGA II's level of control.

  • Don't be afraid to use overdrive on par 5s with wide fairways. You'll reach the green, in two and get a chance for an eagle!
  • Press Down to fully rotate the grid clockwise. It's much easier to judge your putts.
  • Play it safe when chipping from off the fringe. Try to use the ball's roll to reach the cup instead of trying to land on the cup. You'd rather under hit than over hit.

No Holes in II

On paper and in play, PGA II is a near-flawless, if only slightly revamped, 8-meg links monster. The added courses, draw/fade meter, and increased stat categories are great, but otherwise it's still the same game. With little or no Genesis competition, PGA II bags the grand prize purse!

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