Pinball Fantasies

a game by 21st century Entertainment

Platforms: GameSNESSNES

Genre: Action

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Pinball is back for the Super NES and it's about time. The game is fairly well done. The sound is not up to specs, with the music for Party Land being the most annoying. The flipper configuration is a nice option, as is the ability to select the number of balls. The flipper control is good, with only a slight lag time between button pushes and flipper movement. If you like pinball but can't afford a machine, this is an excellent game.

The Billion Dollar Game Show

On this show you will always come out a winner. How big you win is up to you. There aren't a lot of bumper areas that you can use to rack up some serious points. The game has plenty of ramps that will take you to those high-scoring areas. Right below the area marked "lock," in the picture below, is one of those areas. If you are lucky enough to get in there you will be rewarded with 500,000 points. Nice place, huh?! So it's time to make money!

Party Land

Party Land is the first pinball game on the selection screen. The music is very annoying, and the points are hard to come by. A lot of the time when you first shoot your ball it will come straight down, right into the ball return slot. Unless you hit the ball with the upper flipper, you're going to lose the ball. In the picture below is a secret door that gives big points. The door is located underneath the food stand, but I'm not going to tell you how to get there. Go for it you party animal!

Stones Bones

Are you ready for a ghoulishly good time? You'll find it on Stones Bones. This has to be the easiest pinball game to score highly on. In all of the other pinball games, I had a hard time breaking 1 million. But in Stones Bones, I broke 200 million. There are three places that you want to reach to earn the big points. The first, in the picture below, is the Tower. It holds many bonuses, from an extra ball to 5 million points. The second area, also in the picture below, is the Screamer. Each time you go over the ramp, you get a scream. When you lose a ball, you get 100,000 points for each scream. The really cool thing about the Screamer is that the points carry over from the last round. The third and final area is the vault. Very big points await you in the vault if you are skilled enough with the flippers to get in there.


Welcome to Speed Devils, the pinball game where speed is everything! This is another high-point pinball table. There are a lot of areas where you can rack up points. You must use the top flipper to maximize your points. Light up the pit sign as much as you can to maximize your points. Then'head for the off-road sign and bounce off the bumpers for some serious points.


The pinball theme makes a great game.


The sound effects are terrible and the music needs help.


The clown face In Party Land makes me just want to barf.


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Pinball Fantasies is your run-of-the-mill pinball game. It has all of the same features as any other pinball game: trying to spell some catchy phrase by hitting the bumpers, shooting the balls into the hard-to-reach holes for big points, losing your balls in frustration as they fall down the alleyways, etc.

One of the nice features is that you can choose which level you wish to play in. However, your selection is quite limited. The control is very simple: pull back to shoot the ball, hit A for the right paddle and left on the directional for the left paddle. A good game for beginners, since it's very easy. Seasoned players won't find it too challenging, though.

In case you're wondering, yes, that is the view of the game. The rest of the field scrolls by as the ball reaches farther up the board. It's a good traveling game.


You can choose from four incredibly mind-boggling, slow and boring levels.


There are only four different levels to play that don't have much of a challenge.


Do we really need another pinball game out there? At least make it somewhat interesting.

reggie posted a review

There are many great pinball video games available. Unfortunately, Pinball Fantasies isn't one of them.

On the positive side, Pinball Fantasies includes four pinball boards, each with a unique theme. That alone would be enough variety to keep pinball wizards amused if the game play weren't so bad.


  • Keep flippin' those flippers. The screen scrolls very quickly.
  • Flip the ball into the Vault on the left side of the Skull board for bonus points.

Where to start? Although the responsive flippers are easy to control, the scrolling is so jerky and abrupt that control becomes irrelevant.

The unimaginative two-dimensional graphics prevent the ramps and obstacles on the boards from standing out against the backgrounds. Average dinks and doinks make up the sound-effects repertoire.

With other great pinball games to choose from, Pinball Fantasies is nobody's dream come true.

reggie posted a review

Pinball Fantasies is an Amiga pinball game, which was developed by Digital Illusions CE in late 1992, as a sequel to Pinball Dreams. The gameplay is much the same as the first game, with multi-player options, realistic physics, and a high score table to aim for. Each one has a range of combos, ramps, light sequences and targets to shoot.

reggie posted a review
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