Pit Fighter

a game by Tengen, Sterling Silver Software, THQ, and Atari Co.

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNESSega Master SystemSega Master System

Genres: Action, Fighting Games

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The super fighters and nonstop bone-crushing mayhem of Pit fighter has been shrunk down to Game Boy size. However, the game play is exactly the same as the arcade version. Select either Buzz, Kato, or Ty to do your fighting.

ProTip: Jam an opponent into the crowd and keep nailing him every time he gets up.

Pardon My Fists

You're thrust into a crowded, sleazy underground warehouse, where you must fight 10 matches against a host of deadly, shifty characters. No two opponents fight the same, so you must adjust your fighter's strategy accordingly.

Each fighter moves 360 degrees on a 2-D horizontally and vertically scrolling playing field. Punch, kick, dodge, and block until one fighter's strength meter hits zero. Winner takes the purse wagered by the crowd and the loser's body gets tossed out! Make it to the final round to take on the all-time greatest Pit fighter of all!

You must be horizontally aligned with your opponent in order to inflict or receive damage.

THQ faithfully reproduces the classic digitized images of the fighters onto the Game Boy's monochromatic screen. Despite the size limitations and lack of color, the images move smoothly and are distinct from the background. Unfortunately, some of the visual details have shrunk out of view, but there's still plenty to look at! There's even a hip soundtrack that doesn't grate on the nerves.

Get into the Pits

The only major drawback, to an otherwise entertaining fighting cart, is the missing two-player competition feature. Nevertheless, Pit fighter is full of fast action, excellent game play, and surprising challenge! Tiny Pit fighter for the Game Boy measures up to its big brother quite admirably!

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Pit Fighter Downloads

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  • Manufacturer: Tengen
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Theme: Fighting
  • No. of Levels: 9+

Fight in the Pits!

They are back! This time there are more enemies, more moves, plus better sounds and graphics! Like its predecessor, the game uses digitized characters and voices for maximum impact! In the Pit there are no rules - which means you have to watch the spectators as closely as your opponents, because the audience can hurt you with sharp knives and deadly hits! Your opponents are ready to play down and dirty! You can play alone against the computer, or take on a friend (or enemy) for some head-to-head competition! The mean three are back: Buzz, the ex-wrestler; Kato, the karate master; and Ty, the kickboxing champion who is also the only survivor of previous Pit fights! They are joined by newcomers Tanya, Conner, Chief and Javier!

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Deep in the New York underground lies a place where warriors of all races and creeds come to match their skills against others. Here, there are no roles, no retreats, no surrender. It is called the Pit, and the warriors are Pit-Fighters.

In Pit-Fighter for the SUPER NES, you may choose from three unlikely warriors: Buzz, the ex-wrestler with staggering power; Kato, the karate-master with incredible speed; or Ty, the champion kick-boxer and only veteran of the Pit. Each warrior has special devastating attacks to punish the opposition. Fight through nine matches and face the Masked Warrior, the reigning champion of the Pit. Welcome to a world where brutality is a way of life.

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You fight for prize money as you progress in ranking. Great digitized graphics, like the coin-op!

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Progress is slowly being made in getting digitized fighters to animate smoothly in a cartridge game. Still a demo but looks good.

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Pow! Ugh! Smack! Wham! No, it's not Batman and the Boy Wonder gettin' rough with the Joker or the Penguin, it's THQ's Super NES version of that awesome pound 'em coin-op, Pit-Fighter.

A Pit-Fighter is someone who subjects their body to beatings while a raucous crowd looks on. What's so attractive about risking your neck in this rowdy two-player beat-'em-up adventure? Why the challenge, of course, and there's some hefty cash prizes to be had, too.


  • For a real kick in your opponent's pants use Kato. He's the best fighter of the trio.
  • Always go for the in-their-face aggressive approach.

A Fists and Feet Frenzy

In this SNES version, programmers pumped up the video-reality factor. You choose from three contenders: Kato, Ty, or Buzz. Each character boasts different speed, agility, range of blows, overall strength, and staying power. Each character also has his own set of Super Moves. However, to perform super moves, you must win a round to get a "power pill".

If you're taking a few too many body slams, complete a somersault move up and over the opponent. This will give you a split-second to get your bearings.

The Pits

Although the digitized graphics and sound effects are almost identical to the Arcade and the Genesis versions, the moves, unfortunately, aren't. While each character's basic moves can be performed with relative ease, the quest for the much needed super moves is a bit of a drag. Guess the third time isn't always a charm.

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Hey, all of you contact sport fans out there, great news! The action-packed arcade smash, Pit-Fighter, is on its way home with just as much fist-pounding excitement as its quarter-crunching big brother.

Tengen's done an amazing job of animating the digitized graphics; it's so close to the arcade version you can feel the body heat. Slammin' simultaneous two player action puts you and a friend into the video-skins of one of three characters to live the life of a Pit-Fighter and travel to seven sleazy underground locales in search of the ultimate fight -- the one with the biggest cash prize!

The Challengers

The three Pit-Fighters made the trip from the coin-op, as did their bust-em-up Super Moves. You or your buddy can choose: Kato, a martial arts master, Ту, a champion kockboxer, and Buzz, an ex-pro wrestler. In two-player mode you can't double-up on a character.

Kato's normal moves consist of a jump-kick, a front kick, a reverse kick, a straight-forward jab punch, and a head-level elbow strike. A super quick, rapid fire chest-punch is his special move. And, when an opponent's down, he uses a two-handed downward blow to finish the job.

Ty's moves include a jab-kick, a flying jump-kick, a forward jab-punch, an upper-cut punch, and an awesome head-banging knee slam. He launches into a super Flying Double Kick as a special move. To put 'em out for the count, this guy uses a nasty downward heel kick.

Last, though nowhere near least, there's Buzz with his two special moves. Move Number One sends opponents sailing right over his head before gravity takes over. With move Number Two, Buzz grinds em' into the dirt with a pile driver. His normal moves consist of a head-butt, a forward punch, a side-kick, and a jumping side-kick. Finally, when he downs an opponent, he performs a gut-wrenching knee drop to take 'em out!

If fists and feet aren't making it, try a weapon. You find nine types including Shurikans, Knives, Bar Stools, and even Motorcycles!

Some Ugly Competition

You trade blows with a gross gang of opponents during your quest for fame and fortune. These brutes are as ugly as nasty-looking as their names sound: the Executioner, Southside Jim, Angel, C.C. Rider, Chainman Eddie, Heavy Metal, and Mad Miles. Be prepared to face some of those ugly mugs more than once, too. Pound through all 10 matches, emerge intact, and you're rewarded with... more video-world pain. It's a no-go on the dough until you bash heads with the king of fighters. Pit-Fighter beware, this guy has quite a few tricks up his dirty sleeve!

Post-Fight Review

Pit-Fighter uses digitization to reproduce sound and graphics that are as awesome as those in the arcade version. In fact, we've never heard as much digitized sound from a Genesis game before, and every character (right down to the cheering crowd) sports moves and poses that are loaded with realism. If you want outrageous two-player, simultaneous action, step into the pit with Pit-Fighter.

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