Poker Faced Pauls Blackjack

a game by Spidersoft

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Simulation

See also: Poker Games

Buy a deck of cards instead. It's cheaper and just as portable.

If you aren't bothered by peering at thumbnail-sized cards, this cart may interest you. You choose from four sets of rules and work to build S50 stake into a small fortune. But since the game lacks a save feature, don't expect those winnings the next time you play.

Game Gear screens are small already, and your cards take up a mere quarter of the screen -a foolish waste of real estate. The controls fulfill their simple functions, and a typical video game jingle jangles in the background. Unless your gambling itch can only be scratched by betting against a "dealer," that tattered pack of cards in the closet will serve you better.


  • Try doubling down on 15. If you don't bust immediately, you'll probably beat the dealer and get twice the dough.
  • Use the Count command to help you track which cards have been played.

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