Poker Faced Pauls Poker

a game by Spidersoft

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Simulation

See also: Poker Games

Budding card sharks looking to hone their skills will be intrigued by this cart, which departs from the format of traditional video poker. For others, the thrill will fade quickly.

A round of Five Card Stud lines you up against several CPU-controlled players, each represented by a simple, poorly animated icon. Some play like fools, while others bet shrewdly, and competing against them makes for real fun. Still, only a true poker fanatic will remain interested for long.

The game's spare graphics, functional controls, and droning sounds fail to add a needed sparkle. If you could play against two or three friends, it'd definitely be more of a blast.


  • Watch the style of the other "players" - knowing whether to expect a bluff or a solid bet can be invaluable.
  • When your up card is high, bluff by leading off with large bets. Your CPU opponents will often fold.

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