Popeyes Beach Volleyball

a game by Sega

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Sports

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Instead of hitting the high seas, Popeye hits the beach in this comical sports simulation. You'll dig, bump, and even fight your way to victory in this no-holds-barred volleyball game. The side-view action accommodates four players and utilizes Pop-eye's gang, including Olive Oyl and Brutus.

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Popeye and the gang are all here for what starts out as a pleasant outing to the seaside. Before you can utter "Blow me down," things quickly degenerate into an ugly two-on-two volleyball competition (Brutus, Olive Oyl, and Popeye in swimwear are not-ready-for-prime-time players). Popeye and crew have to take on Brutus, Sea Hag, and other wretched foes in five stages: a castle, woods, garden, wharf, and a beach. By munching on spinach, Popeye can hammer savage spikes sending opponents flying.

Six kinds of mini-games are including as bonus stages. These are quick but fun, including weight lifting, punch meter, one-armed bandit, and even fishing.

If you're a salty saifor or maybe just a fan of the old cartoons, you'll probably enjoy this cart. Blow me down!

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