Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday

a game by Sunsoft

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Platformer

It seems that Porky Pig has joined the number of newly released games that Acclaim acquired from SunSoft. While he may not be the most popular Looney Toon character, his game is lots of fun and it has some concepts that haven't been tried before.

One unique element is that each time you play Porky, the levels will change slightly. It might be spring one time you turn it on and winter the next. It's a great idea; it should be used more often. There are also other types of effects, like a rotating tower that is out of this world.

Porky plays like any of the Mario clones. He controls pretty well, unlike Rabbit Rampage and the other Looney licenses.

Overall, Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday is a very cool action cart. Don't be fooled by its kiddie look.

  • PUBLISHER - Acclaim
  • THEME - Action

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