Power Blade 2

  • Manufacturer: Taito
  • Machine: NES
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: October 1992
  • Number of levels: 6
  • Theme: Action

National security is at stake!

The Delta Foundation has threatened the president with an army of cyborgs. Knowing that you are the only person able to free our country from the stranglehold, you are sent out to destroy all the opposing enemies.

Armed only with your quick wits and a razor sharp boomerang, you raid the factories, outposts and control centers. Horrible traps have been set and defense droids await! America's fate is resting on your shoulders. You wanted a chance to save your country and this is your big opportunity! Immense action and thrills will give you the power!

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It's Christmas Eve, 2200 A.D., and the Government isn't full of good cheer. So, they're going to pull Nova (our terminator-looking, Ninja motorcycle-riding, boomerang- throwing hero) from his candy cane dreams and send him back out on the streets in Taito's Power Blade 2. It's not much of a Christmas for Nova, but it is for NES players.

Mechanical Trouble

The Delta Force has created a cyborg army of powerful fighting 'bots. If the Government decides not to buy them, they're going to sell them to enemy countries.

As Nova, you must destroy this robot army by slicing them down. Your 'bot hunt takes you through five side-scrolling stages in the Delta Force's Headquarters. You begin your mission armed with deadly boomerangs. These serve you well, but the enemies you destroy will cough up bigger and better weapons, like the Boomer 2 and the Multi 1. To get the armament you need to defeat the end level bosses, though, you must defeat mid-level bosses. They leave behind a Newt Suit, a Wet Suit, a Rocket Suit, and a Patriot Suit in just your size.

ProTip: Watch for 'bot meanies with guns. They shoot a couple of rounds and then raise their guns, making them vulnerable to your Power Blades.

Nova Can

Luckily, you're not counting on just your straight aim and fancy attire to make it through the Delta Headquarters. You've also got three lives, unlimited continues, and passwords. When you die, however, you return to the beginning of the stage you're playing.

In Stage 2, don't even think about jumping unless the moveable ceiling platforms are com

Power Blade 2's run, jump, slide, and shoot action isn't ground-breaking. You've seen it before in other action/adventures, but that doesn't make it dull. An intermediate or even an advanced gamer will be challenged to make it to the secret Stage 5. Even though our hero is a small sprite, the graphics are 8-bit good with colorful backgrounds and great-looking mechanical menaces. The music, although unobtrusive, keeps you going.

  • In Stage 3, ride the vertically-moving platform up. Don't by to fight, just take the hits. When you reach the top, jump right. The door will open, and you'll advance to the next level. You'll miss a few power-ups, but you'll only be a few hits down.
  • Don't waste your energy and power throwing boomerangs at this rolled up metal meanie. You can't damage him until he opens up and shows his scowling face.

Blade Runner

In a year of the underrated NES, Power Blade 2 makes us take another look. So, blow off the dust and power up with Power Blade 2.

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