Power Piggs of the Dark Age

a game by Titus

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

A doughnut-loving pig is the star of Power Piggs of the Dark Age. Younger 4 gamers will have a pretty good time with this hammy hero.

Your pig does some mean platform jumping, sword slashing, and doughnut tossing through a variety of medieval settings. The controls are fine—simple and effective—and there's a nifty float move when you leap over a blowhole.

The graphics are cute and cartoony, at least as good as what you see on Saturday mornings. It's the sounds, however, that steal the show. All kinds of grunts and oinks add humor, and fast-paced music propels the action.


  • At the end of the West Blowhole Forest, use the blowholes to float above the dragon so that you can strike from a safe distance.
  • In Beautiful Downtown Pigg, jump around inside the buildings to find hidden staircases which lead to goodies.

OK, so it's not as sophisticated as Earthworm Jim. This game isn't trying to be. The Power Piggs are saviors for kids looking for a decent new SNES game. Play it, and remember how good this would've seemed back in 1993.

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