Premier Manager 97

a game by Realms of Fantasy, and Gremlin

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Sports, Strategy/War

See also: Soccer Games, Manager Games, Premier Manager Games

Premier Manager 97 is the second game in the hit football managing game series of the early ninties. Based on the second version (released in 1993), you start in the Full Game mode as a lowly division 3 (not Conference) manager, where the goal is to get the club to the top divisions, or get signed to better placed teams. In the Demo mode, you can choose any Premier League team, but only for a season.

In either of the modes, the player is responsible for carefully assembling the team (and unlike other managers, in here selecting the appropriate tactics is crucial to win the game), get the best from the transfer market by selling the fading stars and outselling the biggest clubs in England in the quest for the stars of the future, improve stadium capacity and quality (seating, roof, security, ...), sign good deals for ground advertising and balance the budget to make the team finish the season out of the red.

Matches are always simulated, with a ruler showing where the ball is, and with text messages showing actions ("player passes", player tackles", ...). The chances of goals are shown in LED-style animated clips.

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