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Genre: Sports

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It seems that companies keep on bringing quality carts to the NES. Now Jaleco, well known for their sports line, brings us Pro Sport Hockey. This hockey game is fast-paced, using real teams and players. Choose from a large number of teams, and configure them to your heart's content. Set up your defensive and offensive patterns, then hit the ice. Pass the puck around, ever intent on scoring that goal!

Pro Sport Hockey is a great game of hockey. It is easy to learn, and offers quite a challenge. The animation is smooth, despite all the action. If you are still devoted to the 8-Bit, this cart would make a nice addition to your library.

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Remember when Jaleco was on the cutting edge of exciting NES sports games? From the looks of the company's latest offering, Jaleco's edge has become dull.

Pro Sport Hockey offers real NHLPA Players, true-to-life stats, and selectable player formations, but the game play doesn't even qualify for a post-season position. The overhead-view rink is barren of interesting detail, giving you a white plane that represents the ice and generic-looking players. Not only are there no signature-move animations, but the flicker when sprites clutter the screen severely limits the visual appeal.

The game play is more reminiscent of a pinball machine than a hockey game. Players bounce around seemingly out of control. The game is moderately playable and the controls are reasonably easy to use, but the inconsistent, jumpy action is an ice pick in the coffin. The only saving grace is the CPU, which is hard to beat and makes the tournament a good challenge, but even this is not worth the effort and frustration.

If you're really desperate for a fun 8-bit hockey product, Konami's Blades of Steel is the only way to skate. Pro Sport Hockey is a good choice -- only if you're looking to use an NES cartridge as a hockey puck.

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