Pro Wrestling

a game by Nintendo, and Sega

Platforms: NESNESSega Master SystemSega Master System

Genres: Fighting Games, Sports

You're a wrestler in the Video Wrestling Association, and you're out to beat the Great Puma and win the VWA crown. The problem is you've got five other wrestlers to pin to the mat before you can even try to dig your claws into the Puma.

The Wrestlers you get to choose from are Fighter Hyabusa, Starman, Kin Can Kam, Giant Panther, the Amazon, and King Slender. Each wrestler has 12 standard moves and a special move of his own. Once the action gets going you can make your wrestler move all around the ring, as well as in and out of the ring. He can even jump up and then plummet down on top of your opponent.

Your goal is to pin your adversary and avoid being pinned! If you succeed in beating all five of your worthy opponents then you get your shot at the Great Puma -- by far the toughest of all of the wrestlers. The Puma has all of the skills and the moves of the other six wrestlers, and it's going to take all you've got to pin him to the mat.

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