P.T.O.: Pacific Theater of Operations II

a game by Koei

Platform: SNESSNES

Genres: Strategy/War, Simulation

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Another intense strategy game from Koei. Set in World War II, you can choose to play as either the Japanese or American military, complete with incredibly detailed fighting units from the largest battleships and aircraft carriers down to destroyers and more. Unless you're a real sucker for punishment or a brilliant strategist, stick with U.S. forces, especially in the later stages of the war when America enjoyed overwhelming numerical superiority in many ways.

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P.T.O. II is an interesting war simulation that's definitely for mature gamers with a yen for history, a mind for numbers, and plenty of time to kill. An intricate menu system enables you to manage military minutiae for either Japanese or American forces in the Pacific Theater of Operations. For example, not only do you deploy fleets and seek out enemies, but you must also attend monthly planning conferences. The emphasis is on naval maneuvers, but you also micromanage air and ground forces.

ProTip: Deploy submarines to scout for enemy fleets.

The sights and sounds of war are missing in action. Limited animations and tiny icons invade the graphics. The sounds attack your patience with repetitive orchestral music.

They say wars are won by generals and accountants. Koei certainly took that to heart.

Use aerial assaults to weaken enemy fleets prior to sea battles.

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