Puyo Puyo

a game by Sega, and Compile

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisGameGear

Genre: Puzzles & Words

See also: Puzzle Games, Puyo Games

  • Manufacturer: Banpresto
  • Machine: Super Famicom
  • Theme: Puzzle
  • Release: December 1993

Pone, of the biggest Mega Drive in Japan over the past year, is heading over to the SFC. The game system is deceptively simple. It's a mix between Tetris and columns, but with a really weird twist. The things that drop out of the sky aren't blocks or gems, they're wobbly blobs of jelly-like slime complete with goofy eyes. The object is to group them in same colors to make them disappear, while more fall out of the sky. Unlike Tetris, when blobs lower in the pile disappear, the slime-balls drop to fill in the gaps. This lets skilled players set off chain reactions. Super Puyo Puyo is fast and very addictive.

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Simple but ultra-addictive puzzle game, best with two players but still great with one. May get a UK release as Carbuncle's Avalanche.

reggie posted a review
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