Rad Racer 2

a game by Square

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Racing

With just a flick of the wrist and a tap of a finger, you were burning up the highways at top speed in Rad Racer I. The excitement was nearly unbearable, but when the dust settled and the crowds had all gone home, things just weren't the same. Bet you'd never thought you'd have that feeling again, right? Wrong! Just when you thought all was lost, along comes Rad Racer II. Whew!

Now, once again you can feel that powerful rush as you switch on your "Turbo Boost" and power your way through eight new cities, including New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. There's a hot new selection of drivin' tunes to help get you revved up, too! So on that note, if it's the thrill of speed that you need, keep an eye open for Rad Racer II, ease yourself behind the controls and get down to some hard drivin'.

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