Rainbow Islands

a game by Taito

Platforms: NESNESSega Master SystemSega Master System

Genres: Action, Arcade Classics

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Yes, Bubby and Bobby fans, it's the sequel to Bubble Bobble -- Rainbow Islands (You may have been one of the few who saw it in the arcades).

Island Fever

In this one player adventure Bubby travels to the Rainbow Islands in search of seven colored diamonds. There are seven levels of action, each with four stages and one big boss to fight (32 stages in all). Each stage has several different areas. If you "do the right thing" there's also a special bonus world. Just as in Bubble Bobble you must snag special treats, avoid nasty bad guys, and collect letters for a special surprise (this time you get to spell RAINBOW).

But that's about where the similarity ends. Our buddy Bobby has apparently fallen prey to the evil Bubble Dragon. Instead of bubbles Bubby uses Rainbow Magic to grab treats and subdue bad guys.

ProTip: If a Rainbow traps a beasty but doesn't do him in, just jump and hit one side of the Rainbow and he's done for.

Rainbow's End

At first Rainbow Islands seems a little cloudy. The two-player simultaneous action was half the fun in Bubble Bobble, and it's missed in Rainbow Islands. Challenge-wise the first several levels are too easy and the action only picks up with Level Three.

On the other hand, Rainbow Islands does use many of the same fun devices of the original that make all kinds of unexpected things happen. You can also do some really nifty tricks with your rainbows.

  • To stop Level 2’s Helicopter boss just dodge its bombs until it reaches ground level and then stand in the right hand corner of the screen. When the Helicopter goes to the left hand corner shoot right to tag it, and then turn and face it to shoot it when it comes to the right Repeat until it's done for.

  • Rainbows wrap around the edge of the screen so you can stand on the left, shoot a rainbow off-screen, and zap a bad guy on the right

Although Rainbow Islands doesn't quite live up to its classic predecessor, it captures some of Bubble Bobble's magic. There's a little pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

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