Rainbow Six

a game by Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.

Platforms: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64GameBoy Color

Genre: Action

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Rainbow Six

People say:


It's amazing what they can cram into the Game Boy these days. Whether something is a good idea or not, you have to admire the talent that goes into cramming the major elements of a game like Rainbow Six and making it 2D, 8-Bit and portable. Somehow Crawfish has managed to capture all of the basic story elements from the first PC game and convey them adequately. Pretty amazing. In fact, it actually manages to cram in more of the strategy elements in than Rebellion's lackluster PlayStation version. Impressive indeed. The only problem is, the resulting game is nowhere near as fun or as tense as its grown-up 3D brothers and sisters. Part of the fun with the other versions is sneaking around the environments and ducking down so you're not seen. The transfer to top-down 2D kinda removes this element, and you end up just walking around maps that are too damn big, and not filled with enough bad guys to shoot at. By removing the uncertainty and the stealth aspects and neglecting to replace them with all-out action, it seems that Red Storm has missed out on something that could've been very absorbing. Unfortunately, it all ends up being rather boring instead. This is an impressive game "on paper," but you'll very quickly tire of it. Graphically it can get hard on the eyes at times too.


Rainbow Six for the Game Boy tries to cram in every feature of its PC big brother. You get all the weapons, the gear, the team members, the planning mode and the story. Trouble is, not much survived the miniaturization. Planning is a chore-especially figuring out how to place Go Codes. The game itself fails to capture the tension of the original. Hostages and teammates often get stuck on walls when following you. This thing's for patient gamers only.

matter how you look at it. By taking away the "first-person" POV, you're castrating the realism, atmosphere and tension of the original. Then you give the game a bunch of sophisticated options (like organizing squads and equipping agents), and you've automatically alienated the handheld shooting fans. What other demographic are you supposed to be reaching out to? Not this reviewer."]

to. It's just too limited. Rainbow Six needs the kind of immersion afforded by 3D, or needs to be completely adapted to take advantage of the limits of 2D. Some have been able to achieve it, but this just isn't enough game to hold my interest."]

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