Rastan Saga 2

a game by Taito

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Platformer

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Rastan Saga 2 also know as “Nastar Warrior" - alternate coin-op title.

Rastan Saga 2 is the sequel to Rastan, which hit the arcades in 1987.

The "Rastania" was a sacred place, in which the sacred temple, "Skyscraper", soared into the sky. It is said that whoever conquer the "Skyscraper" would rule the "Rastania". A wicked group has invaded the "Skyscraper" and has tried to make it their own. If the situation is left as it is, the place would eventually be controlled by the wicked group.

Rastan Saga 2 is the sequel to Rastan, containing the same hack-em'/slash-'em gameplay as the original. You are a warrior who must get through a number of levels, and trying to collect gems which can only be obtained by defeating the end-of-level bosses. Collecting power-ups along the way awards you with extra life or better weapons.

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Rastan Saga 2 Downloads

Sega Genesis Rastan Saga 2 download
  • Levels: 5
  • Theme: Action
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy

The sequel to the popular Master System title is now out for the Genesis. You can get many different weapons like iron claws and swords to aid you on your new quest.

reggie posted a review

Taito's classic slash and run game is now being shrunk down to the Game Gear. Essentially the same as the old Master System soft, the GG version packs the same moves and levels but is now portable. Looks good on the small screen!

reggie posted a review

Another surprise is the conversion of Rastan for the GameBoy. Like Sagaia, Rastan plays unbelievably well considering the small screen and lack of color. The quest is long and the game play is challenging.

reggie posted a review
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