Rat Attack!

a game by Pure Entertainment Games Plc

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Action

Whilst we never thought that Rat Attack was going to be a blinding slice of videogame action, when the review copy rolled Into the office this month, we found a surprisingly fun little slice of frantic puzzling mayhem. Which is nice.

The aim of the game is to, urn, catch rats, and you're allowed to 'be' one of a number of, er, 'Scratch Cats' in order to eradicate them. Each cat has differing abilities - speed, strength, and most importantly, something that we'll call 'Box Trapness'. You see, catching rats is a case of pressing A, which allows you to drag the outline of a - yes - box trap across the floor, positioning it over the creatures you want to catch.

With the number of rats ever increasing, their attacks on furniture (if they eat enough, it's game over), dogs, monster rats and other annoyances popping up - including, believe it or not, bloodthirsty hoovers - Rat Attack quickly becomes a game of lightning reactions and sharp reflexes. It's by no means a classic but this is simple, hectic and enjoyable nonetheless.

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